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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Morning Update

Good morning.

I sent this notice via email to every parent  whose email address I have. Please mention it to other parents if you happen to be speaking to them.

Over the years, I have used RALLY test prep materials because they are one of the best out there, in my opinion. Once in awhile, they offer free access online.

Today, I got an email from RALLY offering free vacation access to their online reading comprehension program. This access is free until January 6th.

I have had this access a few times in the past and the children have really profited from using it.

This is the link you go to for access.  http://www.rallyeducationonline.com/RT/rally.php?StudentLogin+StudentHome+READ

You have to enter info about the school name, state and zipcode, but no personal info.

Then you get entry to Level D which is 4th grade.

That will take you to a page where you can get instruction and practice on the following skills.

1. Recall Facts and Details
2. Identify Main Ideas
3. Identify Sequence
4. Analyze Language and Vocabulary
5. Analyze Character, Plot, and Setting
6. Recognize Cause and Effect
7. Compare and Contrast
8. Distinguish Fact from Opinion
9. Predict Outcomes
10. Draw Conclusions
11. Make Inferences
12. Analyze Point of View and Purpose
13. Identify Literary Forms and Sources of Information
14. Apply Prior Knowledge

Please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions.

Thank you all for your help and generosity and cooperation these past few months. I am so grateful for all of you.  I wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year ahead.

Note: vacation homework is in the post below this.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wishing You Blessings at Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. I wish you a blessed Christmas Day and a Happy New Year.  See you in 2013.

Vacation Homework -

Yes, sadly that is one consequences of being in 4th grade.

1 Reading Comprehension Packet
1 Reading/Writing Packet
RALLY Red Math book - Do problems 1 - 10 in the notebook I gave you.

I told the children I am transferring everyone to Multiplication after Christmas vacation because they need to learn those facts. I can't just have them doing addition/subtraction all year.  If they have not yet reached 100% fluency by then, they will lose all tokens, etc. in the switch. That's a consequence of the program design, but 4 months is more than long enough to reach fluency if students are doing the required days.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Week of December 17th

The only homework for Thursday is to read and do Reflex if you have not already done so.

I told the children I am transferring everyone to Multiplication after Christmas vacation because they need to learn those facts. I can't just have them doing addition/subtraction all year.  If they have not yet reached 100% fluency by then, they will lose all tokens, etc. in the switch. That's a consequence of the program design, but 4 months is more than long enough to reach fluency if students are doing the required days.

Regarding the party on Friday -
If you would like to donate anything for our breakfast party please email me or send a note. We already have the following donations:
some juice (can use more)

Thank you!

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and update log
Math - Study for test on Thursday - Lattice multiplication only. (Double digit)
Wordly Wise - E (test is the Friday after vacation ends)
ELA - reread Section i of the Iroquois Constitution. Underlines words that are unfamiliar to you and use context clues (information from the passage) to try to figure out what they might mean.
Science - from yesterday read pages D 4 - D 13 and do questions 1 - 5 on D 13.  (Due Thursday)

Sorry to bear the news but a head lice notice went home today. Please check your child's head and please make sure all girls have their hair up.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and update log
Math - pages 4-1B 1 and 2
Study for test on Thursday - Lattice multiplication only!
Wordly Wise - C and D
Science - read pages D 4 - D 13 and do questions 1 - 5 on D 13.  (Due Thursday)

Please check with your child for the memo from Mrs. Bartone regarding our security protocol.
Also, people asked for a range for presents. I think $10 - $15 seems reasonable. Please let me know if that is a problem.
We will be having a Christmas breakfast party on Friday.

Monday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes. Be sure log is up to date.
Wordly Wise - A and B
Think Reading pages 14 - 15
Math - finish page in packet

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Note to parents

I've gotten some questions about holiday gift exchanges. I'd meant to discuss this with you at report card night but I completely forgot so I'm putting up this note here and on HomeworkNow for feedback. Please email me your responses through the Homework Now page.
I'll make and announce a decision by Friday to allow for weekend shopping.

The choices:

A) Nothing
B) Kris Kringle - each child chooses a specific name
C) Grab Bag - if you want to participate you bring something and then you receive something. If you're not interested, that's fine. No pressure.

Thank you!

Thursday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and log.
Math - 2 sheets and study for test. There was some confusion as to whether test was today or Friday so I made it Friday.

Wordly Wise - sheet and study
ELA - finish sheet on The Great Law of Peace

Monday, December 10, 2012

Week of December 10th

Sorry - internet went down again

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and log.  (Only 1 week to go on this reading log).
Math - REFLEX and study for test
Wordly Wise - study for test
Social Studies - read text pages 40 - 45. DO questions 1 - 5 (p. 44) in notebook. Remember to answer in full sentences!

REMINDER - Christmas Sale is Wednesday (tomorrow)

Tuesday -

Read for 25 minutes.

No written homework because of the concert tonight.

Children should arrive at the Old School Hall (lunchroom) around 7:05. We will go upstairs at 7:15.
The concert begins at 7:30 and lasts about an hour.

Children should be picked up in the classroom after the concert.

Math test on Thursday is basic multiplication (up to problems like 4,210 x 4 =__ ) as well as the properties (identity, zero, and commutative).

It does NOT include double digit multiplication.

Wordly Wise - Chapter 5 test on Friday

Apologies for the spacing. Blogger is messed up today.

 Monday Homework

Read for 25 minutes.

Wordly Wise D and E Math -

We learned a new method of multiplication today called Lattice.

The homework is to complete the first 6 problems (a - f) on the blank lattice sheet.

Try your best. Use the examples we did in class to guide you. If you're having problems, try looking at this site. It takes you through step by step. Lattice Multiplication

Monday, December 3, 2012

Week of December 3rd

Wednesday Homework:

Read for 25 minutes and log.
Reflex Math (Anyone who has not reached 100% fluency in addition/subtraction has Reflex homework every night. I'm getting way too many messages from Reflex for students who haven't logged in at all in over a week.)
Good copy of Natural Wonders paragraph. May be written neatly on loose leaf or typed.
Wordly Wise 5C

That was the actual Tuesday homework.

Any parent who still would like to come and help with the project - our last day to do it is Wednesday from 11:00 to 12:20.

Many many thanks to the parents who have been able to come so far and those who have generously donated supplies.

I want to apologize in advance if homework isn't posted or emails responded to promptly. We've been having internet gateway issues since last week. Service is in and out and totally unpredictable.
I don't want to post Tuesday's homework in advance because concert practice is affecting our schedule and I'm not sure how much we'll get done. I expect the homework to be:

Read for 25 minutes and log.
Reading sheets.
Math sheet.
Wordly Wise 5 A & B (Note: no WW test until December 14th)

This homework is subject to change.

Monday Homework

Read for 25 minutes and log.
Complete your report card. How would you grade yourself for this trimester?
Math sheet.
Write a paragraph about your Natural Wonder describing what you have learned about it. (Do this in your Social Studies notebook.)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Weekend

Dear 4-208 Parents,

Today we began a new school-wide initiative to encourage our students to become "Bucket-Fillers". This is part of our ongoing anti-bullying program.

Please ask your child what a bucket-filler is and what they learned from the stories we read.

As part of our bucket-filling plan and as a beginning of Advent project, we are going to participate in the Red Cross Christmas Cards to our veterans project Holiday Mail for Heroes.

On Monday we will be making Christmas cards to send to injured veterans.
(Note: no personal identifying information will be included - just first names.)

You can watch some videos about the project here and see how touched the veterans are to be thought of at Christmas - and as one soldier says - it's especially heartwarming when they receive cards from children.

We don't really need much in the way of supplies for this, but if you should happen to have any old Christmas cards that we can cut up, or Christmas stickers, we'd appreciate them. Thanks.
No glitter is allowed.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Week of November 26th

Parents - if you have any questions about the project or joining us, please email me.

Notice - 

Any parent who is Virtus-certified is welcome to join us in the classroom on Friday afternoon and/or Monday afternoon to help your child with the Natural Wonders project. We will begin @ 1PM on both days and work until dismissal. We will have additional time available on Tuesday (We only have from 10:30 - 11:00 because of music concert rehearsal) and Wednesday (11:00 - 12:30)

Please don't feel badly if you are unable to join us. I fully understand that work/family demands may not permit you to be here. 

Regarding supplies -
The children were supposed to draw up their supply list today.  I have plenty of paint so no one needs to bring that in. Any donations of boxes, brown wrapping paper (butcher paper), soil  or other supplies will be gratefully accepted.  I'll try to provide anything that's missing.

Thanks for your cooperation. The children are doing an amazing job with their research and designs and they're working well together. It's been inspiring to watch!

Thursday Homework -
Read for 25 minutes and log.
Math - 2 worksheets. You need to think about this and how to apply your knowledge of prime and composite numbers and factors.
Religion - color Disciple sheet. Don't fill it in except for your name. We will do that together.
Read pages 80 and 81 about the Liturgical Year. Answer the two questions about special days. As you are reading, take notes on things you think are important on page 80. When you read page 81, write down at least one important fact from each season of the Liturgical Year beginning with Advent.

Notice - 

Any parent who is Virtus-certified is welcome to join us in the classroom on Friday afternoon and/or Monday afternoon to help your child with the Natural Wonders project. We will begin @ 1PM on both days and work until dismissal.

If you would like to help out and those times don't work for you, please contact me and we'll see if another time can be arranged. I suspect we will need more time than that anyway.

Please don't feel badly if you are unable to join us. I fully understand that work/family demands may not permit you to be here. 

Regarding supplies -
The children were supposed to draw up their supply list today.  I have plenty of paint so no one needs to bring that in. Any donations of boxes, brown wrapping paper (butcher paper), soil  or other supplies will be gratefully accepted.  I'll try to provide anything that's missing.

Thanks for your cooperation. The children are doing an amazing job with their research and designs and they're working well together. It's been inspiring to watch!

 Wednesday Homework -
Read for 25 minutes and log.
Math - workbook page 40. On looseleaf, use addition to check at least 5 of the problems.
ELA - Write a set of directions for how you will build your project. (Parents - it doesn't have to be perfect, or a final copy. I just want the children to start thinking of the sequence of their work.

It was lovely to meet with so many of you at the meeting last night. If you have any questions or concerns about the new report card and grading system, please feel free to email me.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes.
Math - sheet on factors/Prime and Composite Numbers (both sides)
Work on Natural Wonders research. Focus on what you need to create your model. Remember to keep everything in your Team folder. You may decorate your folder with images of your natural wonder if you wish.

Reminder - Important HSA meeting tonight for information about the new report cards. A reminder notice went home today.

Monday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes.
Math - sheet on factors
Reading - sheet (both sides)

Study for Science test. I corrected the first page of the Take Home test and returned it for the children to study from. Please return them tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving!
A few updates:
The take-home Science test is due Monday. The in-class test will be Tuesday (on basically what is on the take-home test). 
Mia gave out a letter today regarding book donations. She and her sister are collecting books to bring to children in The Rockaways who suffered losses from Hurricane Sandy. If you have books that you have read and don't need to keep any longer (and they're in good condition), won't you please donate them so someone else can have books to read? Of course a new book is also welcome. (Just in case you're wondering.)

Vacation Work - 

I'm so sorry to have to give a packet over Thanksgiving break, but we're still catching up from the week off.

Homework is the Science Take Home test.   Open book, help permitted.

I'm also encouraging the students to participate in a writing contest the Diocese is sponsoring in connection with The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The Grand Prize Winner will receive 4 tickets to the December 19th performance of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (as well as winning tickets for the entire class to attend).
There will also be 5 First Place Runner-Up prizes that win 4 tickets each to the performance.

The contest is open to grades 4 and 5. Three finalist entries will be selected from our school to go on to the diocesan competition. The Office of the Superintendent will announce the winning entries on or before December 10th, 2012.

Here are the rules:

Students are to write a one-page type written essay on the topic "What is your favorite Christmas story?"
Essays must be typed, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch margins all around.
There should be a title page with Student's name and grade. Do NOT include this information on the essay page. There should be NO heading on that page.
The entries will be judged using the NYS Thematic Scoring Rubric. (Copy available here.)

Essays may be emailed to me (as a Word doc) or submitted on the day we return from Thanksgiving break.

REMINDER - Wednesday dismissal is at 11:30. There is no afterschool.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Reading comprehension sheet (poem)
Religion - read the Thanksgiving prayer and write your own prayer of thanks on the turkey.
Math - Thanksgiving math sheets. Try your best. Some problems are a review of multiplication skills.
Social Studies - Chapter 1 test (Lessons 1, 2, and 3)
Remember - bring your apple for tomorrow!

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Religion - write a birthday letter to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne. She felt like her life was a failure because she couldn't speak the Potawatomi language. Using information from the page I gave you, write a letter encouraging her. (On looseleaf)

Math - Reflex

SS - sheet. Study for test on Wednesday

Science notebooks. I will be collecting them tomorrow to grade so take the time to make sure everything is complete.
Your Table of Contents should look like this:

1. Observation Skills
2. Observation of a Peach
3.  Observation of _____________ (Whatever you did for homework)
4.  Ladybugs!
5. Observation of an Ice Cube
6. Glaciers
7. Pumpkin Observations

Reminder - bring in an apple for Wednesday

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week of November 13th

Weekend Homework - 

Yes. Sorry.  :(

Math test Monday. I gave two review sheets and a review packet for the problem solving part. 
We will go over these and review everything before the test on Monday.

Social Studies - take home test that went home yesterday is due Monday. In class test will be Wednesday. If anyone is not going to be in school on Wednesday, please let me know and we can make arrangements.

Please continue to work on Reflex Math. It is particularly important that everyone get to 100% fluency so you can move on to multiplication since we will be spending the next few months doing multiplication and division.

Team NY folders went home today with info about our new unit. There is a parent letter inside. If you have any questions, just send an email.

Important - No letters due until after Thanksgiving.
Two updates - Friday November 16th is Denim Dress Down Day to support Breast Cancer research and awareness. The children received a notice about this today.
Our Thanksgiving Food Drive is underway, delayed because of the storm. Donations must be in by Friday, November 16th.  The 4th grade is asked to bring in applesauce or fruit cocktail.

Update: at our meeting this afternoon, Mrs. Bartone extended the time to bring in the applesauce or fruit cocktail until Monday. We understand people have been asked for a lot lately so please give what you can, but we understand if it is not possible.  Thank you.

Thursday Homework –

Read for 25 minutes and record on log.
Math – 2 sheets. For word problem sheet, show work on looseleaf.
Social Studies – take home practice test. This is due Monday. On Monday we will go over it and you can have it to study from
Science – pages 139 and 140 from packet
Wordly Wise – test tomorrow (Lesson 4)

Remember Denim Dress Down tomorrow.
Also, please try to bring applesauce or fruit cocktail for the Thanksgiving Food Drive by Monday.

Wednesday Homework
Read for 25 minutes and record on log.
Reading Comprehension Spacket
Math packet - review for test on Monday. Test will include rounding, estimating, adding and subtracting
Wordly Wise – test Friday
Science packet - only do the first two sides (pages 137 and 138). Test on glaciers will be after Thanksgiving.
There will be a Social Studies test next Wednesday. I will give more info tomorrow.
Sorry for bunching tests together, but the week off messed things up and the trimester is coming to a close.

Tuesday Homework –
Read for 25 minutes and record on log.
Reading Comprehension Skills sheet
Wordly Wise – 4 D
Reflex Math
Social Studies – Read pages 28 to 33 and complete sheet.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of November 5th

My apologies this is being posted late. Our internet went out at school this afternoon. I did print the homework out and give it to each student to be sure they had the correct work.

REMINDER - Picture day is tomorrow.

Thursday Homework -
Read for 25 minutes and record on Paws for Reading log
Math - sheet
Wordly Wise 4E (we skipped over C and D but will go back to them)
SpellCheck test is tomorrow

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and record on Paws for Reading log
Math - page 19
Wordly Wise 4 A and B
Writing - finish the first paragraph only of your book review.

No letters due this week.

If you want to vote on the Time for Kids site - use this link

Tuesday Homework –

Read for 25 minutes. Record on your Paws for Reading log.

1.  sheet
2. How many ways can you make the number 976 using flats, rods(longs) and units (cubes)?
Do this in your notebook the way we were doing in class. See how many different ways you can make the number.

Social Studies – Using the papers I gave you and The Election Book, write a paragraph telling how you would explain the American Presidential election to someone from another country who didn’t understand how we choose a leader. Use as many details from the text as you can.   (looseleaf)

Monday Homework -

Several important notices went home so please check your child's folder.
I included the old hurricane notice because it has info for future storms.

Read chapters 9 and 10 in The Election Book and take notes the same way in your SS notebook. (This counts as your reading homework.)

On looseleaf, write a paragraph about why it is important to vote.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November 1st and 2nd closing

Per the announcement from Mayor Bloomberg this afternoon, school will remain closed for the rest of this week.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

School closing - Wednesday

I hope all of you are safe.

As we have been saying, if the Mayor orders the NY Public School System to close, we will be closed as well. Therefore, St. Ephrem will remain closed on Wednesday. Since Thursday is a pre-scheduled holiday, I'll look forward to seeing you all again on Friday.

For anyone who was worrying, we will postpone the Spell Check test til next week since you may not have had the words home with you.

Stay safe.

Mrs. Curry

Monday, October 29, 2012

School Closing Day 2

Mrs. Bartone just sent out this email -

Mayor announced NYC Public Schools will be closed Tuesday and it follows that all Catholic Schools and Academies will be closed as well.

Please stay safe.

If you haven't seen this video from NASA, it's an amazing view of what this storm looks like from space.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

School Closing

School will be closed on Monday, October 29th due to the storm.
I will update any future closings here, but be aware that if the Public Schools are closed, we are also.

If you see this message, I would appreciate an email so I know who I need to call. Please email either through through the homework now page or to mrs.curryses@gmail.com

Stay safe.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm Weekend

Weekend Update

No written homework this weekend.

Keep reading whatever book you choose.

Study Spell Check words for test Friday.

Regarding Frankenstorm/Hurricane Sandy - Mrs. Bartone sent home a notice today with the info for school closings but some of the students didn't get it so I'm uploading the file below.

If the storm should cause any school closing, I will post the info here and activate the "snow chain".
Information will also be posted on the school's website.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Week of October 22nd

Just to clarify Spell Check - all students in my class have to take the test (end of next week) because these are words 4th graders are expected to be able to spell, but the pledge is voluntary.

Thursday Homework

Reread chapters 2 and 3 in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Think about how we reread Chapter 1 this morning and used post it notes to record the language (words, sentences) that described the setting. This time you are to focus on characters. For Chapter 2 look for language in the text that helps you have a mental picture of the Headless Horseman. For Chapter 3 do the same for Ichabod Crane. The key here is finding the words the author uses to help you imagine the character.  Use a different post-it note for each page and leave the note on the page.

Math - Reflex.  There are still way too many low usage reports.

Social Studies – postcard sheet

Wordly Wise – review sheet and study for test.
Wednesday Homework -
Tomorrow is Dress in Red Day - $2
Read Chapter 4 in the Election book. Reread and take notes in your Social Studies notebook as you did last night..
Science - reread pages C34 to C39 and complete the sheet comparing what you read with what you observed with our glacier.
Wordly Wise - 3 C and D (Test Friday)
ELA - test tomorrow on sentences only (not the rest of Chapter 1).

Tuesday Homework -
Remember to bring your Rosary beads for the Rosary Rally tomorrow.
Read Chapter 3 in the Election book. Reread and take notes in your Social Studies notebook as follows.
Write the title of the book and the title of the chapter. Write each subtitle as you get to it. Then write one interesting or important fact you found under that subtitle. Do the same for each subtitle.

Social Studies - vocabulary sheet. You can use the vocabulary notes in your notebook.

ELA - review sheet - both sides

Math sheet - do only the number of problems I assigned you.

Monday Homework

Read for 20 minutes in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If you have already finished the story, go back and reread.  Log on your Paws for Reading Log.

ELA - (Test Thursday)  Review.  Do the following in your notebook. Follow all directions in the book.
p. 24 - 1 - 8
page 28 A and B - odd only
page 29 A and B - odd only

Math - sheet

Wordly Wise - spelling and vocab test on Friday

Monday, October 15, 2012

Week of October 15th

Thursday Homework

Read for 20 minutes and record in log.
Math – workbook  page 10

Science – Reflect on what you observed with the glacier that we created and the videos we watched. What did you learn about glaciers, how they form, how they move and what happens to the land?
Write at least two paragraphs in your Science Notebook showing what you learned.

Wednesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes and record in log.

In your RRJ – respond to one of the following. Be sure to use examples from the text.

Compare your school experience with Roald Dahl’s school experience as he describes it in Boy.


How does what we’re read in Boy remind you of  scenes in the Roald Dahl books you have read?

ELA – text pages 4 and 5    #s  2 – 20 even only. Do in notebook.

Reflex Math

Reminder – Dress Down tomorrow  Dress in orange for Tommy  $2

Reminder - Book Orders are due Tuesday.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and log. Look for Text-Text, Text-Self, and Text - World connections in your reading.
Social Studies - finish vocabulary. For those who did not start, look up the words in the Glossary of your textbook and write them next to the word list you glued in.
Wordly Wise - 3 A and B
Math - sheet on the new expanded formMonday News and Homework -

Religion - reread pages 32 - 35 and complete the chart on page 35.

Math - 2 review sheets and study for retest. We are doing a retest not because the grades are particularly bad but because the children need to demonstrate a deep understanding for Common Core.

REFLEX Math - I've gotten low usage warnings for 15 students!

Science - this counts as tonight's reading homework. Read pages C 34 - C 39 and do sheet.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week of October 9th

Thursday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Wordly Wise - Sheet. Study for Friday's test.
Math - workbook page 4

Friday letters due in RRJ

Wednesday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Wordly Wise - Exercise 2 E.  Remember to answer in complete sentences.
 Study for Friday's test.
 Religion - During Mass today, Msgr. Kain was talking about our prayer lives. I want you to reflect on (think about) your prayer life and then write a paragraph about it in your Religion notebook.
Some things you might want to consider - How often do I pray? Do I say thank you to God or just pray when I need help? Do I say standard prayers or make up my own prayers? Is there anything I want to change about my prayer life?

Tuesday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Wordly Wise - Exercise 2 D.  Study for Friday's test.
Math - Study for test.
Remember, you need to know:
Place Value up to one million. You should understand the difference between place and value.
How to spell the numbers and places
How to order numbers based on place value.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekend Homework

Happy Weekend!

The weekend homework this week is:
Do the Take Home Religion test. Due Tuesday.
Read for at least an hour over the weekend.
Study for upcoming Math and Wordly Wise tests.
I'm sending home a math review sheet to complete and be a guide in studying. Everything you need to know is in your notebook or math folder.
I asked the children to bring in 3 items in the upcoming week - a pumpkin, a rock or rocks, and some leaves.  Variety is the key here so any size, color, shape is fine for the pumpkins and the same for the rocks and leaves.
Relax and celebrate.

As if you need the reminder ;)  school is closed on Monday for Columbus Day.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week of October 1st

NOTE:  To clarify the Thursday homework - I told the children that for this first letter, everyone's is due tomorrow. For future letters, they will have a specific day of the week it is due.

Upcoming Tests - There will be 2 tests next week. Math (Place Value) on Wednesday and Wordly Wise Lesson 2 (spelling and vocabulary) on Friday.

Thursday Homework
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it. Write your letter to me using the form we discussed. This one should be on loose leaf. Due tomorrow!
Religion - complete pages 28 - 30

Math - sheets (2)

Wordly Wise - 1.  Exercise 2 C.
2. In your notebook write a sentence for each of the first 5 words (affect, calculate, climate, column, decay).
Handwriting - pages 10 and 11.
Wednesday Homework
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Math - in your notebook, write out the words for the numbers 1 - 30.  example 1 - one. Make a list.
Social Studies - Read Lesson 1 (pages 10 - 15) and use the strategies we learned in class from the Reading Handbook. Select one Before Reading, one During Reading, and one After Reading strategy to use. In your SS notebook explain which strategy you used and how you used it.
Upcoming Tests - There will be 2 tests next week. Math (Place Value) on Wednesday and Wordly Wise Lesson 2 (spelling and vocabulary) on Friday.
Tuesday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it. I checked the reading logs and left notes. Cool
Math 2 sheets. The first sheet is pretty clear. It's what we worked on in class yesterday - rearranging the digits to create the biggest and smallest numbers.
The second page requires you to think and write about math. You need to do the problems and then follow the directions on the bottom of the page.  You are to write about your answer the way we discussed in class. For example. I know that 349 is greater than 329 because both numbers have a 3 in the hundreds place, but the 4 in the tens place has a greater value (40) than the 2 in the tens place (20).  349 >229 because 40>20.
Wordly Wise - Review the new vocabulary words for Lesson 2. In your notebook divide them into the two lists like you did for Lesson 1: Words I Know and Words I Need to Learn. Then do exercise 2A.
Religion - Do in your notebook.  Remember what Msgr. Theo said at Mass today about naming your guardian angel and praying to the angel. Choose a name for your guardian angel and write a prayer asking your angel to watch over you.

Monday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it. Remindser - I will check reading logs tomorrow.
Math sheet (2 sides)
ELA sheet

Science - Observation of an Ice Cube
  • Put an ice cube on a plate. Observe it with your senses and record your observations.
  • Leave the ice cube for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes observe again and record the changes you observe.
  • Leave the ice cube for 45 minutes.
  • After 45 minutes observe again and record the changes you observe.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Weekend

Weekend Homework -

Read for half an hour in your Roald Dahl book and log.
Think about your October goal and write it on the paper.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Week of September 24th

Week of  September 24th

Homework will be light this week because of Terra Nova Testing. The days are long and stressful enough without adding a ton of homework.

Thursday Homework -
One more day of Terra Nova!

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.

Religion - pages 22 and 23
SS - Complete pages 1 and 2 in your notebook.  Page 1 is a list of What I Know About New York.
Page 2 is Questions I have About New York

Wednesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Finish reading the Roald Dahl timeline. In your Writer's Notebook, make a timeline of your life including at least ten events that interest you about your life.  Be sure to start with your birth!

Tuesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book and log it.
Math sheet

You're always welcome to do Reflex Math. I'm really seeing progress which will make the rest of math easier for you!

Any parent who would like a report of their child's Reflex progress, just email me through the link on the HomeworkNow page and I'll be happy to send a report.

Terra Nova Testing begins on Tuesday of this week and runs all week in the mornings.
We did practice testing today and went over the answers in class. The children are bringing the practice booklets home so you can have an idea of what to expect.
 Monday Homework -
Bring sharpened #2 pencils.
Read for 20 minutes in Roald Dahl book and log.
Reading survey sheet.
Reflex Math (It is VERY important that this homework be done. I have been getting alerts that some people are not doing their Reflex homework.)
Wordly Wise corrections
 There will be a bake sale at lunch  tomorrow to benefit Tommy Guardavaccaro.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Weekend!

I hope everyone has a lovely, restful weekend.

The only weekend homework is to read in your Roald Dahl books and get the Wordly Wise tests signed.  Don't do the corrections for Wordly Wise yet. I'll show you on Monday how we will do them.

Next week is Terra Nova testing.

Monday will be practice tests.
The actual tests will run Tuesday through Friday in the mornings.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week of September 17th

Thursday -

Reminder - book orders are due by Friday.
 Walkathon is Friday. Students should wear gym uniforms. They will get a slice of pizza for lunch!

Read for 20 minutes and record it in your Roald Dahl log.
In your Reading Journal respond to Roald Dahl's comment that children's books must be funny. Do you agree or not? Give your reasons.

Math - sheet

Science - It's been a week since we dissected the peaches and put them in the bags. What do you think you will see when you look at them tomorrow? Write your predictions in your Science Notebooks.

Wednesday -

Reminder - book orders are due by Friday.
 Walkathon papers were due today

Read for 20 minutes and record it in your Roald Dahl log.

Reflex Math

Wordly Wise - Exercise 1 E and study for test.

Tuesday -

Read for 20 minutes and record it in your Roald Dahl log.

Ladybugs - re-read the article on Ladybugs and complete the close reading sheet the way I showed you in the example.

Wordly Wise - 1 D and study for Thursday's test

Math - workbook page 1. Remember to read the directions!

Monday -

I'm looking forward meeting all of you tonight.

Because of the meeting, I'm following Mrs. Bartone's policy and not assigning any written homework.

Students should still read for 20 minutes in their Roald Dahl book and record it on their log.
Reminder - Wordly Wise test is Thursday so everyone should be studying the words.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of September 10th, 2012

Friday Homework
Book order forms went home today. You can continue to order the traditional way by sending in the money (cash or check) with the form if you like. I also sent home a letter with information about how you can do your ordering online. That way is much more efficient and Scholastic rewards you with a $5 coupon and the class with a $3 coupon for each order.  You can just click on the link above to get started.I'm looking forward to meeting with you all on Monday night. There will be no written homework on Monday in order to make the evening less of a hassle for you. The only homework will be reading in the Roald Dahl book.

Writing - Normally there is no written homework on the weekend for the first part of the year, but people who did not finish their draft of their paragraph will have to finish that this weekend.  The assignment was for each student to choose an event from his or her life and complete a WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY list about it.

Who was there besides you?
What was the event you chose?
When did it occur? It can be general (3rd grade, summer when I was 5) or more specific (birth date, Christmas 2006).
Where did it happen?
Why did you choose this event to write about.

Then you have to take that list and turn it into a news story paragraph - something fun that shares the news about your event.

This was was begun in our Writer's Notebooks (the one with Snoopy on the cover).

Reading homework - spend at least half an hour reading your Roald Dahl book over the weekend.
Reflex Math - any time. Build those points!!!

Wordly Wise - Test on Lesson 1 will be Thursday, September 20th. (Note - the Wordly Wise tests will be about every two weeks until the children get the hang of them.)

REMINDER - Lunchroom fee is due tomorrow.

Thursday Homework

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book.
After you read, write a letter to Roald Dahl (in your Reading Journal) telling him your thoughts about what you have read. You can ask questions, tell what you like, what you don't like. Mention anything that confuses you or words you don't know. Don't forget to wish him what would be his 96th birthday!

Science - Do an observation of anything in your house, garden, school (basically anything you see that interests you). Do it the way we did the peach observation remembering to do qualitative and quantitative observations.

Wordly Wise - Exercises 1 B and C.

Math - sheet.  The sheet should be a review but if there is anything you don't know (or didn't learn) try your best and circle the number.

Wednesday Homework

A) Lunchroom fees are due by Friday.
B) The youngest child in each family received the Walk-A-Thon papers. If your family did not receive the papers, please let me know.

Read for 20 minutes in your Roald Dahl book. (The one you chose today.) Record your reading on the Roald Dahl reading log. That means write the pages you read (ex. 4 - 24), your comments and check the last column. You can write post-it notes like you did last night. Certainly you should do a note for any word you don't know. Follow the formula we used in class:
Write the sentence and underline or circle the word.
Write a ?
Figure out what you think the word means based on the sentences around it.

2.  Reflex Math

3. Religion Book pages 12, 13 and 14.

Don't worry about using the Reading Log tonight. Since this is a mix of reading and writing about reading, it's a bit confusing. We'll start with the log tomorrow and I'll explain it better to the students.

Tuesday Homework -

1. Read for at least 15 minutes. Read your assigned chapter of James and the Giant Peach. (Reminder: the chapter matches your class number.) Do a close reading like we did with Chapter 1 in class. Use the post-it notes to write down things you notice about how Roald Dahl wrote the story. For example, you could note certain words he chose, expressions he used, any words you don't know, thoughts you had while reading. Anything like that to show you are thinking while you are reading. There is NO set number of notes That will vary chapter to chapter. Just do YOUR best work.

2.  Math - sheet
3.  Wordly Wise - Lesson 1 Exercise A (Finding Meanings)
4.  Religion - write a prayer for the people affected by the events of September 11, 2001. Write a good copy and illustrate your prayer. You can write it on loose leaf or type it or do it on construction paper. That's up to you.


Yes - there are two journals. One for reading and one for writing.  The one that has the entry for "My Reading Life" is actually the Reading Journal (formerly known in my class as the RRJ).  We can just change the label if someone wrote in the wrong one because we haven't used the Writing Journal yet.

So, to clarify - we have the following notebooks:

Reading Journal
Writing Journal (Which I am renaming Writer's Notebook to avoid confusion.)
Social Studies
Word Study/Vocabulary
ELA Skills

I gave each child a school homework notebook.
Hope that helps. I'm sorry it's so confusing at the beginning. I'm sure it will all work out. 

Monday Homework -

1. In your Reading Journal, write what you remember from reading James and the Giant Peach last year.
 Read for at least 15 minutes. For tonight, that reading time should be going back through James and the Giant Peach and refreshing your memory about the story.

Thank you to those of you asking for more details on this:
I'm using the Roald Dahl log while we do our author study, but I told the children they are free to read anything else they want. I will provide an alternative reading log for those children who prefer to read something else at night. For tonight I specifically wanted them to go back through James and the Giant Peach. If they do other reading, they can always write it in their reading journal.

2.  Math - 2 sheets from Math Curse.  Do the problems in your Math notebook. Try to make up similar problems about our class or your family.

3. Think about what resolutions you can make to have the best school year ever. Write out your "New Year's Resolutions" on paper and decorate.  I will collect and hold them and we'll review them in January to check our progress.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Congratulations on completing the first week of school.

I've got a question for you - based on the math we did the other day, how many days of school do you think are left now?

There's no homework this weekend. Rest up and come in ready to work hard starting on Monday!

Also - you can always play on Reflex Math. I was going to change the settings so you can do multiplication too, but I can't do that until you've completed the addition and subtraction.

I gave the children the special subjects schedule, but here it is for anyone who wasn't sure:

Monday - Computer

Tuesday - Art and Gym

Wednesday - our day for class Mass

Thursday - Sister Rosela (1/2 class) and Library

Friday - Music, Spanish and our Olweus "No-Bullying" meeting

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Homework

Attention American Girl Doll fans -

I just got an email from Barnes and Noble that they're running a contest to win the new American Girl Doll (from the War of 1812), Caroline Abbott.  If you'd like to enter for a chance to win, go to the B&N site  - Barnes & Noble Meet Caroline Abbott

These short days go by so quickly!

Tonight's homework -

Read for a minimum of 15 minutes. You can read any book you like. Try to bring the book to school tomorrow to share what you are reading.

Remember to look for your copy of James and the Giant Peach. We will be working with the book on Monday as we begin Roald Dahl month. There is no need to purchase another copy if you no longer have it. I have some copies.

Reflex Math - I distributed a letter with information about the program. I also sent home cards with student login info and passwords. The children should spend some time tonight getting familiar with the program and playing it as long as they like.
Please let me know if there is any problem with your child doing this work at home. We also have access to computers in school so if there is a problem doing it at home, I can make sure each child is getting sufficient time in school. Just let me know.

Handwriting - we have a new handwriting program this year. Tonight's homework is page 9.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, feel free to email me through the Homework Now site. The page doesn't have info on it yet, but the email works.  Mrs. Curry at Homework Now.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School

Welcome to the new school year.
Despite the heat and humidity, the year got off to a great start today.

Wednesday Homework -

All About Me bag - decorate the bag with things about you and fill the bag with items, photos or drawings that show information about you. We will share tomorrow.

Math - A big focus of Common Core Math is recognizing math in our everyday lives. The homework tonight is to find an example of how you or your family used math in your day.

Lots of forms and notices went home. Please return Gym form tomorrow.  The school emergency form will go home tomorrow.

I was fortunate enough to obtain a Math Grant this summer for a math fluency program called Reflex Math. More information will come home about that tomorrow.

If anyone needs to contact me - the email address mcurry@stephremsch.org is working.
The Homework Now page should be working by tomorrow, but I will continue to maintain this site as well.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Reading Questions answered

For the new 5th grade regarding the question Alexa asked below -

I checked with Ms. Ronzo. You were not supposed to read Holes over the summer. That's a book that you will probably read in class sometime in the spring.

The only assigned reading for 4th graders going into 5th grade was what Mrs. DiDilectis assigned you.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to the new 4th grade

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all very soon!

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about 4th grade, feel free to email me at
mrs.curryses@gmail.com   or   mcurry@stephremsch.org

See you soon.

Mrs. Curry

NYS Test Scores

Hello all.

If you emailed me asking for state test scores, I sent you an email.

Anyone else who wants the scores could email me or send a message through this page with your email address (and child's name).

Hope everyone is enjoying these last precious days of summer.

Mrs. Curry

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Summer!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

Just to answer a couple of questions -

1) Since Mrs. DiDilectis gave the students required reading, Ms. Ronzo is not requiring any additional books. Of course everyone is free to read and read and read. ;)

2) I have no idea when NYS will release test scores but if you would like your child's scores when they are released, please send me an email at mrs.curryses@gmail.com  and I'll email you when I get the scores. The email address we had through Homework Hero may or may not work over the summer so I'm using this one instead.

Any incoming 4th grade students or parents who have questions may also feel free to email me at that address.  I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in September!

*waves to Alexa!  Thanks for the sweet note.  See you in September.

Friday, June 15, 2012


There's no weekend homework but remember, if you haven't yet done your newspaper articles, email them to mcurry@stephremsch.org

Monday, June 11, 2012

Week of June 11th

According to Mrs. Bartone's announcement, the students get a free dress down day tomorrow (Friday) and Monday. These are rewards for good behavior. Congratulations!!!

Mythology Day was a huge success and fun for all. 

We took pictures, shared stories, ate cake, and celebrated Demeter/Angie's birthday.

 No homework for Thursday but remember to bring your Art/Science environment materials for the project tomorrow.

Remember - tomorrow is Mythology Day!

Wednesday Homework -

SS sheet

Finish Mythology report

Read next two chapters in Charlotte's Web (up to 117)

Work on class newspaper stories.  (Remember, you can email them to the address on Homework Hero if you like)

Tuesday Homework - You can use any homework passes you have left, whether I've handed you a paper or just told you.

Read up to page 104 in Charlotte's Web.

Religion - Complete the workbook pages we skipped over in class from Lesson 18. Pages 209, 210, 211, 213.

Talk to your parents about what you plan to bring for the year-end party on Monday.

Work on mythology presentation if you haven't already handed it in.

Start to gather materials for your Art project. We will be working on it on Friday.

I'm not sure who sent me the question about the mythology report, but all you have to do is scroll down the page. The questions are posted under last week's homework.

Remember tomorrow is Fiesta Day for Spanish!  Bring whatever you promised to bring.

A notice went home about a wedding/end of the year present for our lunch mother.

Monday homework -

Read the next two chapters in Charlotte's Web.

Take a position on Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban of large size sugary drinks.
Make a list of reasons to support your idea.  (Do in Writer's Notebook)

Get Social Studies test signed.  Do retest if I gave you one.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week of no more testing!

Thursday Homework -

Social Studies take home test due tomorrow

Read the next two chapters of Charlotte's Web.

Wednesday Homework -

Read in Mission Prayer book.
SS - In your SS notebook - on one page draw and label either an Iroquois Longhouse or an Algonquian Wigwam. On the facing page draw and label a cross-section of your house. On the next page write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two types of homes. You can use a Venn Diagram to plan your essay.

ELA - BEFORE you read tonight, write a descriptive paragraph (using 5 senses) of what summer is like for you. Do it in your Writer's Notebook. THEN read the chapter of Charlotte's Web called "Summer Days"

Tuesday Homework -

Work on Mythology report.  Mythology Day will be Thursday, June 14th.
Religion - pages 198 - 201
ELA - rewrite the scene from Charlotte's Web making it from Fern's point of view. Remember to choose a tone for the scene and choose words to help the reader feel that tone.  Use either the scene when Wilbur escapes or the lonely scene.

Read Chapter 5 of Charlotte's Web.

To update for Arianna and anyone else who doesn't know -

For the Mythology report you are supposed to be working on the answers to these questions:

Who is your character?
Where does this character come from?
What is their area or domain of influence (god of fire, goddess of love, etc.)
What are their qualities, strengths, or talents? (superhuman power, can change forms, etc.)
What personality traits or flaws do they have? (very jealous, fall in love with everyone, greedy, etc.)
What is one interesting story about the character? Describe it.

Yes, we're DONE!  With state testing that is.

Homework for Monday - read chapters 3 and 4 of Charlotte's Web and respond in RRJ.

Remember - DRESS DOWN tomorrow - $2

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Answers for Science Homework

Here are the answers to the homework as promised.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Friday, June 1, 2012


REMINDER - Science Written Exam is Monday, June 4th.  Bring pencils!
There will be a Dress Down Day on Tuesday, June 5th.    $2 to benefit the 8th grade.

Homework -
Study whatever is giving you problems on the practice tests.
COACH - read chapters 50 - 56  Very important chapters!!!

Do practice test. I will post the answers online on Sunday.

Here are the links we were looking at today.

Water Cycle video

Water Cycle animation

Water Cycle puzzles

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last week of May 2012


~  Book orders (last one of the year) are due Friday, June 1st
~  The Written portion of the Science test is next Monday, June 4th.

Thursday Homework

Reading sheet (Water)
Religion Sheet
COACH - read and study lessons 47 - 49
SS - finish vocab if you didn't finish in class.


Wednesday Homework (will be collected on Friday)

Reading sheet (Bodies)
Math Review Sheet (both sides)
COACH - read and study lessons 44 - 46

Tuesday homework -

2005 Science test

Science worksheet on germination

Reading sheet on dandelions

Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend homework

2009 Science Practice test.

Let's keep up the good streak of doing well!