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Monday, April 26, 2010

Week of April 26 - 30

Gabby - don't worry. You're doing better than you think you are. We have lots of time to practice tomorrow. 

For anyone looking for additional worksheets to practice specific skill, I'll list a few sites:

 Multiple skills including subtracting with zero   (Worksheets are listed on the right side)

Really good homeschooling site with lots of worksheets

Online practice 

More 4th grade practice

Alex, that question (#10)  is testing your understanding of the identity and zero properties. Do each problem and figure out which one has the lowest value. Then choose the one that is lowest.

Mrs. Maddaloni - that was a problem so we spent a lot of time last week reviewing it. Most have gotten it straight by now but I'll go over it again individually tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.

Aisling - great question re # 46.  To determine the shape, all you have to do is count the number of sides.  It may not look like any shape we studied, but you know what a 6-sided figure is called.  That's a really good example of needing to look at what information you know already that  you can use to answer a question you don't find familiar.

Reminder - permission slips need to be returned if you are staying after on Monday and/or Tuesday

Weekend Homework -

1. Do the 3 (2006) Math packets.
2. STUDY - 2D and 3D shapes, measurement, double digit multiplication, associative and commutative properties
3. Review practice tests and let me know which questions or topics are giving you problems
4. Permission slips for Monday/Tuesday class.

Just think - this time next week it will all be over.

For those who are wondering -

Today (Thursday 4/29) was the last official day of NIA.  However, because we had to end before the Math test, I will be doing after school prep sessions on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Students may come to either one or both.  A note went home today.

Thursday Homework -

Share your Poem in Your Pocket Day poem with someone.

Finish Poetry packet - due tomorrow. To clarify - yes, you have to draw the combination animal and write a poem about it. The camel poem should be in the shape of a camel.

Math - Finish the Equivalent fractions sheets. Most of the NIA students finished that in class this afternoon because we did it together.

COACH - Lessons 38 & 39 in your notebook. This should be another review of the work we were reviewing in class today.

Wednesday -

Tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day so have a poem ready to carry with you.
Poetry packet due Friday
Math sheet plus COACH pages 183 - 185 in notebook

Tuesday Homework -

Rules sheet
Math - sheets
ELA - Day 3 essay. You don't have to actually write the essay (though you can for extra credit). Just read the stories, do the short questions and do a detailed planning page for what you would write.

Make sure your pencils are sharpened.  Get a good sleep, eat a good breakfast and come prepared to read and write an essay.

Monday Homework -

Read Chapter 4 of Rules.
Math - sheets
ELA - review sheet about writing an essay

Make sure your pencils are sharpened.  Get a good sleep, eat a good breakfast and come prepared to listen and write an essay

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week of April 19 - 23 (Earth Week)

Earth Day homework -

Read 20 minutes/log
ELA - Earth Day packet and  RRJ about The Lorax. letter to Mother Earth and Lorax pledge form
Math - poetry response and problem solving for "Smart" by Shel Silverstein


Tomorrow is a dress down day for Earth Day. Wear something bright to celebrate Earth and Spring. $2 will go to Wilderness Society.

I found a REALLY excellent site for practicing for the Math test.

 Math test prep study zone

Click on one of the Content areas - for example Geometry .  Then choose an area within that topic - for example - finding the area of a rectangle.  You then have a choice of a review lesson or practice problems.  There's even a little guy to cheer you on when you're right!

There's also an ELA part of the site for anyone who wants some extra last minute help.  ELA Prep

Reminder - Earth Day posters are due on Thursday. The only requirement is that you recycle something to make your poster.

Wednesday homework -

Read 20 min/log
ELA COACH pages 304 - 310 on looseleaf.
Math - Bar graph sheet and Coach lesson 50.

Remember Earth Day posters are due tomorrow, and tomorrow is a dress down day for Earth Day. Wear something bright to celebrate Earth and Spring. $2 will go to Wilderness Society.

Tuesday homework -

Read 20 min/log
ELA Reading packet
Math problem solving packet

Monday homework -

Read 20 min/log
Write Source wkbk pp 3 and 4
ELA Reading packet
Math problem solving sheet (in notebook)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week of April 11 - 16

Weekend Homework

ELA - COACH Chapter 4 (not Lesson 4, do Chapter 4)
Math - Lesson 27

Thursday Homework

Read Chapter 3 of Rules. Respond in RRJ by answering at least 2 of the 5 questions on the sheet.
ELA - essay

Math - DHP p. 130

Wednesday Homework
Read Chapter 2 of Rules.

Reread the Titanic poem

ELA Coach - Lessons 26 and 27  Read and do the exercises (pages 192 - 203).

Math - finish the decimal place value sheet by converting all of the decimals to mixed numbers (a whole number and a fraction). Do Coach Lesson 21.

I think this is the math link you were asking for. If not, you can try here anyway.

4th grade math

Tuesday Homework -

Read Rules Chapter 1. You can use this toward your 20 minutes and record on log or keep using your Reading log book for that. March logs should have been turned in by now.

ELA - mini-packet (3 stories and questions)

Math- both sides of decimal sheet.

With allergy season in full blast, we are in desperate need of tissues. Thanks!

Monday Homework -

Read 20 minutes and record on log. March logs should be turned in now.

ELA - Max's story sheet and Part  3 essay

Math - decimals sheet and COACH lesson 30.

Welcome Back!

Just a reminder - according to Mrs. Bartone, students should still be wearing winter uniforms until May. If the weather continues to be hot, that may change, but as of now, winter uniforms are still on.