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Friday, October 30, 2009

Spanish Homework

The Spanish Homework due 11/3 is:

pages 63 - 64, 65 if not done, 69 Actividad F,
Study Mi Familia
Test on Tuesday - How to change nouns from singular to plural.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Writing Celebration

Thursday's homework is in the post below this one.

Here's the picture of the cake that some of you asked me to post.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Week of October 26 - 30

Thursday Homework -

Today was such a busy day so the homework is light.

Please finish your sketch from the park trip and remember to complete the information about populations and communities you saw in the park ecosystem.   If you don't remember what ecosystems, populations and communities are - thereis some helpful information on this site. The Franklin Institute

Reminder - Saint Projects are due tomorrow. If you aren't sure what those are, look below at the info from last Friday. I included some helpful links there.

Also - some people have asked if they can bring in treats for tomorrow. We will be celebrating Kaylin's birthday, but other treats are welcome as well if you like. It's not necessary to send something, but if you want to, feel free.

NO Thursday NIA this week.

Sorry, I printed out a notice to send home today but I got distracted and then found it on my desk after everyone left.

Homework - Wednesday October 28th

Read for at least 15 minutes. (The Witches if you haven't finished or something else if you have)

LA - Write your answer to the question about the Mouse Formula (on the sheet)


Tomorrow is Statue of Liberty Day. What do you know about the Statue of Liberty?

Homework -  Tuesday October 27th

Read The Witches for at least 15 minutes. You can now read as much of it as you'd like beyond the 15 minutes.

LA - Write the final copy of your spooky story.  You can hand write or type it - either is fine.

Math - in your notebook, write a reflection about what you did and what you learned in Math today. Some of you were with me in a small group 1st period; some of you were with me in a larger group 2nd period; some of you were in Title I math. The idea here is for you to think and write about YOUR math experience today.

YES, there is gym class tomorrow.

There will be no NIA on Thursday of this week.  Sorry.


Day one of our Middle State's visit went smoothly. The children behaved SO beautifully. Miss Michelle (our student teacher) and I were so very impressed!

Let's keep it up for day 2 and see how many warm fuzzies we can earn.

We also began a new routine with Measurement Monday. Every Monday we'll be focusing on measurement as part of Math or some other subject in order to develop measurement skills.

Homework -

Read The Witches. I assigned up to page 87 but if it's taking too long, you can stop before that.

Fill out the graphic organizer for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is very similar to the one we worked on today for The Witches. It's just a different format and you have to ask yourself if there is a resolution to that story.

In response to the question - no, don't cut it out,
but yes, you can color it lightly if you like. You don't have to but you can.

Math - sheet on measurement.

LA - work on spooky story.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Dean Lombardi won first place in the Halloween contest at the St. Ephrems's party as the Headless Horseman!

Congratulations! I'm sure Ichabod is proud of you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking for something to do this weekend??

I saw an ad this week for a one man production of The Legend of Ichabod Crane for children

Here's a link for more information if you're interested.

The Brooklyn Lyceum

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week of October 19th - 23rd

Friday October 23, 2009

First up - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all our wonderful Math Bee contestants. You've worked so hard and you show so much courage getting up on that stage in front of the audience. I'm SO proud of all of you!!!!!!!!

Next - we were reading two chapters of The Witches today. By Monday you should have finished up to page 64. Please don't read past that. I know it's hard but I want to discuss it with you on Monday before you read what comes next.

If you don't use up your full 15 minutes for your reading log, just go back to reading whatever other book you have.

DUE next Friday -
I just want to give some advance warning about your Saint project that is due on Friday, October 30th.

You are to create a booklet (like the one you did in 3rd grade) for our class saints. Our class has two saints - Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. John Baptiste de la Salle (note - this is not John the Baptist). I assigned Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton to the girls and St. John Baptiste de la Salle to the boys, but if you really prefer to do the other one you may. Just let me know. You can always do both if you need extra credit.

You can find information on each saint by clicking the links below:

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

Please remember this is to be your own work! Of course you can look up information. (That's called research!) But write it in your own words. Copying someone else's words is wrong. That's called plagiarism!

Finally, our Middle States visit begins with the assembly and 5 o'clock Mass on Sunday. We would love to have as many students as possible join us for Mass. Please wear your uniform if you are attending.


Note to the person who wrote asking what an epitaph is. There is a definition of it on the top of your paper.

Homework Thursday October 22, 2009

Since so many of our classmates are in the Math Bee tomorrow, I'm going light on homework tonight.

Read the next chapter in The Witches and think of any questions, ideas or predictions you might have.

Get Math test signed. If you scored less than 103, write me a note explaining either what your mistake was (if it was just a mistake but you really do know it) or wjat part of the math is confusing to you. (In other words - where are you getting stuck?)

Fill in the epitaph for Ichabod Crane on the headstone. Use your imagination and your knowledge of his character to decide what to write.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow to our Math Bee contestants!!!!! We're so proud of you!

Homework Wednesday October 21, 2009

Dress in red tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week ($2.00)

Read the next chapter in The Witches and complete the chart. Remember to include this on your log. You have to turn the paper over for the remainder of the month.

Science - vocabulary sheet
(If you have not brought in your permission slip - remember it tomorrow!)

Writing complete the sheet about your story.

I sent a notice home about a class directory.

Homework Tuesday October 20, 2009

Today, October 20th, 2009 is the first annual National Day on Writing. As part of our celebration of writing, for homework I want you to write for 15 minutes in your Writer's Notebook about any topic and in any form you would like. That means you can write a story, a poem, comic, letter, email, etc. Just write for at least 15 minutes!

Reading - Read the second chapter of The Witches - pages 12 - 23.

Complete, color and cut out Religion sheet on being a Disciple.

Study for Math test - Place value, ordering numbers, <, >, =

Note - some people had a question - YES you do have gym tomorrow.


Please note there will be no NIA class tomorrow, Tuesday, due to the half day.

Homework Monday October 19, 2009

Bring in Permission slip for this month’s park trip.

Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Religion – Unit 1 Take Home Test. You may use your book to answer the questions.

Math – do review sheet for test. Be sure to tell me if there is a part you couldn’t understand.

1) On the sheet, draw your favorite scene from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

2) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ends in a mysterious way. Which of the following do you think best explains the ending? On looseleaf, write a paragraph explaining which answer you chose and why you chose it.

a) “Some suspect he was the victim of a cruel prank, and blame his disappearance on Brom Van Brunt.”

b) “Some say he left on his own accord, too embarrassed to face his beloved Katrina.”

c) “It would not surprise me if he had been spirited away by some … headless ghost.”

Remember – Dismissal tomorrow is at 11:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week of October 13th - 16th

Thursday Homework

Reading - On page 50 of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane is having a great night and thinks it can’t get any better, but the author says “In fact, it was about to get much worse.”  In your RRJ, make a prediction about how you think it was about to get worse. What bad things do you think might happen to Ichabod?  Read to find out if your predictions were correct.

By Monday you should have finished this book.

Math – we will be having a test next Wednesday on place value, ordering numbers greatest to least and least to greatest, and using the symbols

Social Studies – workbook pages 3 and 4.

Wednesday Homework -

Reading -  Read chapters 5 and 7 of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If it doesn't take the full 15 minutes, you can read from your regular book. Enter on log.

Writing - In your Writer's Notebook, list 6-12 possible ideas for your spooky story. Remember they should be somehow related to the poster you are doing for art and should involve the Hudson River/Hudson River Valley in some way.

Math - Daily Homework Practice Book - page 5

Tuesday Homework -

Reading - Read chapters 3 and 4 of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If it doesn't take the full 15 minutes, you can read from your regular book. Enter on log.

Response - Do both in RRJ:

1)  Good readers set a purpose for reading. Our purpose in reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is to see how the author used Hudson River landmarks, places etc. to write a spooky story. After you have read chapters 3 and 4, go back to Chapter1 and look at all 4 chapters for examples of how Washington Irving used details about the Hudson River Valley to make his story come alive.  List some of those details (and the page number) in your RRJ.

2) Based on what you read in Chapter 3, draw a picture of wh at you think Ichabod Crane looks like.

Math - sheet  (There are 2 different sheets. You should have the one based on your progress today)

Spelling - test tomorrow

Reader's Theater - practice your script

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Columbus Day Weekend

My apologies about the Spelling Test. I had to leave at 11 on Friday to attend a workshop and we had been so busy working on a Social Studies map project that I completely forgot to give the Spelling test before I left.  So sorry!

I don't want to be unfair to anyone who didn't bring their Spelling book home to review, so I'll make the test on Wednesday. 

The children should be studying their Spanish.

There is no written homework for me this weekend, but as usual, students should be reading each day!

Enjoy the beautiful weather, notice any changes you see in our environment, and have a great Columbus Day off!  See you on Tuesday.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Special Subject Homework (assigned week of 10/5)

Spanish - study pages 48 - 50

Be sure to check in the post further down the page for homework due this week.

Edited - I'm copying the library information from down below since it's for tomorrow.

Library - (due Thursday 10/8)
study new notes - Dictionary
Study sheet on compounds

Monday, October 5, 2009

Week of October 5th - 9th

Thursday October 8th

Read - 15 minutes and record on October log.

Math - p. 4 in your Daily Homework Practice Book. Show any work in your notebook.
Spelling - test tomorrow on words from Ch 1 of Spelling book. The words that go with A Visit With Grandpa.

ELA - Write the essay to answer the prompt from yesterday.  I'll repeat it so you're sure.
Characters often change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. Choose a character from Fourth Grade Rats and explain how he or she changed during the story. Use examples from the story to support your answer.

Yesterday you completed the chart. Using the information from your chart, write a 5 paragraph essay. Your essay should include an introduction (remember TTQA!), a paragraph each for the beginning, middle and end, and a conclusion which is basically just restating the introduction in a different way to show that you proved your answer.

Wednesday October 7th

Read - 15 minutes and record on October log.

Word Study - Write a sentence for each of the seven words. Do this in your word study notebook. Please create sentences that show you understand the meaning of the word. That will help you build your vocabulary.

Social Studies - Read text book pages 10 - 15. We will be doing a clay map of NY landforms tomorrow so try to really understand the different landforms you are reading about.

Reading/Writing - We are developing the skills to make text-based responses to questions like the following:
Characters often change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. Choose a character from Fourth Grade Rats and explain how he or she changed during the story. Use examples from the story to support your answer.

For tonight, you are supposed to complete the chart you copied into your Reading/LA notebook. If you don't have it, it should look something like this:

                                            Suds Morton


Tuesday October 6th

Read - 15 minutes and record on October log.

Writer's Notebook - Respond to the prompt from Writing Magic -   A character finds a diamond necklace on the schoolbus seat.  Write for at least 15 straight minutes without stopping.  Remember that you are allowed to change any of the details you want to make it your own creation. You can change the character, change the schoolbus, change the necklace, etc.  - it's yours to make writing magic with.  (In reply to the question - yes - in your Writer's Notebook)

Math - sheet.  This is a review of both reading expanded form and comparing and ordering numbers.

Word Study - copy all of the highlighted definitions of the first seven words into your word study notebook. Be sure to think about the words and their meanings while you copy.

Spelling test on Friday is NOT on these words. It is on the words from Chapter 1 of the Spelling Book.

Monday, October 5th

 Each child received a notice today with information about the NIA program which starts tomorrow.

Read - 15 minutes and record on October log. You should have already handed in the September Log. Please make sure I have it by tomorrow if you have not already done so.

Writer's Notebook - continue writing the piece you were working on today. Write for at least 10 straight minutes without stopping. You're trying to just get the ideas on paper now. You can go back later and make it better.

Math - Daily Homework Practice Book - page 3

Religion - Review and Resource Book  page 4

Study Chapter 1 spelling words - test Friday

Sunday, October 4, 2009


To reply to a question I received -

YES, Terra Nova is over (unless you were absent and have to take a makeup)!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Special Subject Homework assigned week of 9/28

Art -

Finish your sketches if you haven't. Everyone should be ready to paint this week.

Spanish -
Page 37  Act. G

Pages 44, 45  Act. A, B

Library - (due Thursday 10/8)
study new notes - Dictionary
Study sheet on compounds