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Monday, February 28, 2011

Week of February 28th - March 4th

Thursday Homework

Read for 25 minutes and identify the main idea (either in the book you are reading or from the Science reading)
Science read pages D14 - D23
Draw the water cycle in your notebook (page 23 in your notebook)
Page 9-14 vocabulary (page 24 in your notebook)
Math p. 80 (related to science lab)

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes.
  (NOTE - for March we're increasing to 25 minutes per night)
ELA - packet
 Math - workbook page 133 (area) If you don't remember how to do it, look at the reminder on the top of the page.
Word Study - test signed and corrected
Science - use the data from the weather chart to complete February's weather sheet in your Science notebook.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes.
  (NOTE - for March we're increasing to 25 minutes per night)
ELA - sheet (both sides) and packet
 Math - perimeter sheet (both sides)
Word Study - Lesson 8 words - divide into a list of those you already know and those you still need to learn.

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a relaxing break because we've got busy weeks ahead.

Monday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes. Note - February reading logs are due.
ELA COACH book Lesson 10 (pages 94 - 96) in notebook. Also do packet.

Math - workbook page 132 (perimeter)
Religion - pages - 108 - 111

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March 9th World Read Aloud Day

Something to look forward to -

Vacation week

I hope everyone is having a great vacation week.

For the parents - I sent home a letter on Friday outlining the ELA, Math and ELA optional homework for break. I also included info about the Science Fair projects.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week of February 14th

Reminder - eRate surveys are due Friday 2/18.  It's very important we have them from all families.

Thursday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.
Math - COACH pages 40 - 45

SS - artifact sheet

Religion - During Mass today, Father Wyth spoke about how God gave us the gift of this beautiful earth and how it's our responsibility. Write about how you can care for this gift and then write a prayer asking God to help you.

Due to a major cleaning of the school over break, the children have to bring many of their books home.

Today I sent home Math text and workbook, Religion book and notebook, and Word Study book and notebook. These books should be returned on Monday, February 28th.

Tomorrow a different set will go home and those will be due back on Tuesday, March 1st.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

Math - COACH book pages 84 - 86

Social Studies - decorate your clan folder with images or drawings of your animal.
Answer the question in your notebook - How did seeing the exhibits of the Eastern Woodlands Indians at the museum help you to understand life for the Native Americans in NEw York?

Word Study - Lesson 7 test tomorrow.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes using one of our reading strategies. Respond in your RRJ about how you used the strategy.

Math - workbook pages 22 and 51

SS - in your SS notebook, list the ideas you have for your planning page for the DBQ essay. You are not to write the actual essay. This is the planning stage.

Word Study - test Thursday

Monday - I hope everyone had an interesting time at the museum today. Many thanks to the chaperones who accompanied us and all the other parents who volunteered.

Remember - because of our trip today, tomorrow is our Dress down in RED. Donation $2

Monday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.
Museum sheet

Monday, February 7, 2011

Week of February 7th

Thursday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Social Studies - vocab due Monday.
Word Study 7E (if you didn't finish it)
Math - Division sheet and multiplication sheet. Multiplication sheet is odd questions only (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.)
Test tomorrow

Wednesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.
Social Studies - read pages 88  to 92 and  do page 19 in workbook.
Word Study 7D (if you didn't finish it)
Math - workbook pages 48  and   58

Math test on Friday will cover the following topics:
Double Digit multiplication using either Traditional, Lattice or Grid method.
Multiplication with Decimals
Multiplication and division as inverse operations
Division with single digit divisors and single or double digit dividends (with and without remainders)

Tuesday Homework -
Read for 20 minutes.
Science Sheet
Word Study 7B
Math - workbook page  38

Monday Homework (Due Thursday)
Read for 20 minutes.
SS - DBQ 1- 5
Math - workbook page 76 (Metric Measurement for Measurement Monday)