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Monday, January 31, 2011

Week of January 31st

No homework tonight in anticipation of Student Appreciation Day!

Remember tomorrow is a free dress down day!

Because today was teacher appreciation day and Friday is student appreciation day, I'm appreciating you all by giving no homework tonight and no homework Thursday night!


With the reports of bad conditions tomorrow morning, check in here for school updates.

 SPANISH HW - pages 124, 125, 126, 127, 128.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

ELA - Practice retelling your story and begin to plan how you want to present it.

Math - sheet

Science/SS - clan animal sheet

Here we go again - more nasty weather forecast for this week. As always, I'll post updates here as soon as I have them.

Thank you to all of the family members who were able to drop by and visit during Open House today. It was a pleasure to share our class time with you.

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
RRJ - write a paragraph updating me on your progress with your Newbery book project. Some questions to consider:  How have you been working to achieve your goal? What books have you read? What do you still want to achieve. Have you had to make any changes in your plan?
Math - 2 sheets

Word Study - test tomorrow.

Note - in response to a question I received - If you have any questions about any of the words, bring them tomorrow and we will review all before the test!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!


Reminder:  Friday is a NUT Day.

Remember, I said if school was closed today we'd postpone the Word Study test until next week.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week of January 24th

6:30 pm As of right now, the plan is for school to be OPEN tomorrow. If that changes, I will  post it.

5:30 - for those who are asking - no decision has been made about tomorrow yet.

If school is closed, I'll post it here as soon as I know.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Math - page 46

Word Study 6E and Test Friday

Science - pick your "weather condition" (blizzard, tornado, hurricane, drought, etc) and begin to research.


Wednesday - Religion (Chapters 6 & 7 and p. 91)
Friday - Wordly Wise Lesson 6

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Write a draft of your paragraph about your favorite book.
Study for Religion test.
Word Study 6D

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and make an entry in your RRJ about what you are reading.

Math – text page 207 (Do in your notebook.)

SS – sheet (Answer questions in notebook.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week of January 17th

Thursday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.
Math sheet - multiplication with decimals
Social Studies - Archaeologists learn about people from the past by studying their tools, homes and even their garbage. What would an archaeologist learn about you from your garbage?

Word Study - 6 B & C

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes
RRJ - What do you think will happen when Rosie and Granny get to Bailey's house? Write the scene using dialogue.

SS - workbook page 12

Math - sheet

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

Read MLK packet and complete sheet.

Make quilt square on the red or blue construction paper. You can design it however you want using the papers I gave you. You can write on it if you like or just color in the pieces. You can use some of the "big words" we discussed like peace, freedom, equality, tolerance, etc. Write your dream on the little paper and cut it out and add it to the square.

Word Study - 6A

Math - Lattice sheet. be sure to follow the directions and check your work using the traditional method.

What St. Ephrem Means to Me essays due tomorrow.

Re- registration forms went home today.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you're making some time to read some of your books for our award-winning books project.

I just got back from Barnes & Noble and I have a bunch of new books to add to the baskets.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Week of January 10th

1/13/11 Thursday Homework -

Sr. MaryJane asked for anyone who has pictures from the Christmas concert to please bring them in.

Read for 20 minutes.

Math – study for test. Multiplication properties (p. 126) and how to multiply with 1, 2 or 3 numbers on top and one on the bottom.


1) From Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

 Choose to be either Rosie or Bailey. Write a letter to the other person explaining how you feel.

If you are being Rosie, explain to Bailey how you felt when he got mad at you for reading Braille. You will want to include your thoughts about why you learned to read Braille, how you expected him to react, etc.
If you are being Bailey, you will want to explain to Rosie why it upset you that she learned Braille, what it meant to have something all your own, etc.

2)  From Award-winning books project

a)  Think (and write) about  what kinds of books you think are the best books. This will help you begin to develop the criteria for your award. What are some of the best books you have read?

b) Make a plan for what books you are going to read for this project. Are you going to focus on Newbery and Caldecott books? Do you want to read all the books from this year? Do you want to read Winning and Honor books from a certain year (as well as other books published that year) to see if you agree with the award? Think (and write) about what your plan will be.

1/12/11 - Just in case anyone is wondering, school IS open for Thursday 1/13/11.

1/11/11  -  OFFICIAL - School will be closed on Wednesday, January 12th because of the snow storm.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Do Snowman Cookie sheet.
Word Study - Test Thursday.
ELA - Capitalization page 9 and 10. Do in your notebook the way I showed you.
Math - page 43

Here's a copy of the snowman sheet in case anyone wants to bake the cookies tomorrow! Just click the picture to enlarge it.

Today we watched a live webcast of the 2010 NewberyAwards. Some of you requested a full listing of all the books that won awards. You can see that here - ALA Announces Youth Media Award Winners.

The Newbery Award went to

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Religion - page 90 and sheet
Word Study 5E if you haven't finished it. Test Thursday.
ELA - Capitalization sheet (both sides)
Math - page 40 (2 - 20 even only and all word problems)
page 42 (1 - 23 odd only and all word problems)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week of January 3rd, 2011

Thursday homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

ELA - Essay for Fourth Grade Rats. Remember to do the work on your own (no help) and follow the directions as they are typed on the paper.

Reminder - Catholic Schools Week essay on What St. Ephrem's Means to Me - due 1/19/11
FYI the theme is 

Wednesday Homework -

Read for  20 minutes. (Sarah, Plain and Tall if you haven't finished it.)
SS - Read pages 78 - 83 and do workbook page 17

Math - pages 30 and 31  (#s 3 and 4) of Green book on looseleaf. Show all steps and use a picture or diagram.
Word Study - 5C

Tuesday Homework -

Read Sarah, Plain and Tall for 20 minutes. You may read all of the book if you like.
RRJ or post-its  Write down any instances you find that show the genre is historical fiction.

Math - pages 24 and 25  (#s 3 and 4) of Green book on looseleaf. Show all steps and use a picture or diagram.
Word Study - 5B

SPANISH - Study page 118

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

RRJ - write me a letter telling me about what you've been reading lately.
Math - p. 19  (#4) of Green book on looseleaf. Show all steps and use a picture or diagram.
Word Study - 5A