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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week of March 26th

Weekend Homework -

Just three more full days of school before testing begins.
The April calendar went home today.
Mite boxes are due Monday. Please just put the money in an envelope. No need to return the mite box.

ELA  - Poetry packet
            Blue book - Day 3 (begins on page 46). Do on loose leaf.

Math - Geometry book - pages 4 - 30 (most have only 1 - 2 problems per page). Do in notebook.
            Word problem sheet.
            Finish measurement sheet if you did not finish in school.

Thursday Homework

Math - COACH Math book - pages 158 - 161, 169 - 170, and 172 - 174.

2 Measurement sheets

READING - Work in Skills books

Wednesday Homework

Math - RALLY skills book - Measurement pages 12 - 15 and STUDY. You absolutely must know
12 inches = 1 foot
36 inches = 1 yard
3 feet = 1 yard

Wordly Wise - 13 E
Study for WW test tomorrow

Reading - 6 poetry sheets

Tuesday Homework

Because so many people are busy with the Science Fair tonight, I'm not assigning formal homework. I recommend working in your Rally Reading Skills books.

Monday Homework -

Math - STUDY measurement
workbook page 72

SMART poem

Religion - In notebook write how you are going to show compassion for those near and far this week.

Reading - COACH - pages 14 - 22 on looseleaf

REMEMBER Science Fair permission slip if you did not already bring it in.  If you don't have the form, send a note.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Week of March 19th

Weekend Homework -

RALLY Skills Math:
Blue book (Number Sense and Operations) - pages 84 - 88
Orange book (Algebra) - pages 1 - 16

Reading - Reading and Writing Practice book - pages 36 - 44
For the essay, remember to:
~ Include an introduction and conclusion.
~ Use the bullet points as guidelines for your answer and for your paragraphs.
~ Include DETAILS from BOTH passages to support your answer. They really don't want to know what you think so much as what you can support from the story and article.
~ Check for spelling, punctuation, grammar.

Thursday Homework -

Continue at least ten pages in RALLY Skills book for Reading.

Wordly Wise A & B

Math - 3 sheets.  Use the fraction pieces if you need them.

Excellent question from Lauren about the Wordly Wise.  Let's put it off until next Thursday (March 29th). There's too much craziness with Science Fair and testing to worry about fitting in study time now.

Wednesday Homework

RALLY Math book pages 68 - 82
Continue to work in RALLY Reading skills book (at least 10 pages)

Tuesday Homework

RALLY Math book pages 55 - 67
Continue to work in RALLY Reading skills book (at least 10 pages)

Monday Homework -

Religion - In Religion notebook write out your sacrifice plan for this week.
Math - 2 bar graph sheets plus pages 86 and 87 in workbook
Reading - Continue to work in RALLY Skills book. Do at least 10 pages.

SPANISH - pages 50 - 51
Read and write meanings under sentences. Remember to bring books.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Week of March 12th

I will be at a conference tomorrow so all homework is due on Monday -

1. ELA - Continue to work in your RALLY Skills book. Students and parents together can decide how much is reasonable to work on over the weekend. If anyone finished the book on Thursday, they can take a new skill over the weekend.

2.  Math  -
A)  ETA Math Practice Book:
      Lessons 14 - 15  (pages 37 - 40)
      Lessons 17 - 18  (pages 42 - 45 but not questions 4, 5, 7, 10)
B) RALLY Number Sense and Operation - pages 5 - 29

You do not need to bring in the materials for the Science Fair project. You will be presenting your report of your work, not recreating the experiment.  Thanks to Angie and Arianna for asking.

Wednesday Homework -

Science Fair projects are due tomorrow.

Please return the paper about report card conferences if you have not yet done so.

Reading - RALLY Skills book - assigned pages for your group.

Math - Tests signed and corrected.
Review sheets.

To answer a question - no, the prayer does not need to fill the entire page.  The extra lines are there in case you need them.

REMINDER  - Science Fair projects are due Thursday 3/15

Tuesday Homework

Religion - write a forgiveness prayer based on the quotes on the paper

Math - sheets

Reading - RALLY Skills book
Main Idea group - finish up to page 25
Sequence group - finish up to page 25
Cause and Effect group -  finish up to page 21
Vocabulary in Context group -  finish up to page 21
Main Idea group that was working with me on the 2006 test - do pages 4 - 11

Reading Packet
Draft of Pourquoi story. Be sure to complete worksheet first.

Math - 2 review sheets (3 sides because one came out too faint).
Workbook page 135

Monday, March 5, 2012

Week of March 5th

Weekend Homework -

RALLY - Practice Test  Pages 72 - 87   on looseleaf

COACH Math - Lessons 20, 21, 22 in notebook

Thursday Homework

Read for 25 minutes
Religion - Take Home Test
Math - sheets
SS - sheet (both sides) in SS notebook
Wordly Wise - page 99

Wednesday Homework

Read for 25 minutes
RALLY Reading - pages 52 - 57 on looseleaf
NY Edits - Finish pages 13 - 15
Study for Wordly Wise 12 test
Math - workbook page 132
COACH Lesson 28

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes
Pourquoi story and sheet.
Wordly Wise 12 E  (Test postponed to Thursday because we have Stations of the Cross tomorrow.
Religion - pages 136 - 139
Math - sheet

Monday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes. Use this time to read your Science carefully.
Science - Read pages B64 - 73.
Math  - Perimeter sheet (both sides). Study names of shapes for quiz.
Religion - Think about the Great Commandment. Plan how you can show your love for God and your neighbor during this second week of Lent. Write a paragraph about it in your Religion notebooks.
Wordly Wise - 12 D (Test Wednesday)
Decorate your clan folders with pictures of your clan animal.