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Monday, March 26, 2012

Week of March 26th

Weekend Homework -

Just three more full days of school before testing begins.
The April calendar went home today.
Mite boxes are due Monday. Please just put the money in an envelope. No need to return the mite box.

ELA  - Poetry packet
            Blue book - Day 3 (begins on page 46). Do on loose leaf.

Math - Geometry book - pages 4 - 30 (most have only 1 - 2 problems per page). Do in notebook.
            Word problem sheet.
            Finish measurement sheet if you did not finish in school.

Thursday Homework

Math - COACH Math book - pages 158 - 161, 169 - 170, and 172 - 174.

2 Measurement sheets

READING - Work in Skills books

Wednesday Homework

Math - RALLY skills book - Measurement pages 12 - 15 and STUDY. You absolutely must know
12 inches = 1 foot
36 inches = 1 yard
3 feet = 1 yard

Wordly Wise - 13 E
Study for WW test tomorrow

Reading - 6 poetry sheets

Tuesday Homework

Because so many people are busy with the Science Fair tonight, I'm not assigning formal homework. I recommend working in your Rally Reading Skills books.

Monday Homework -

Math - STUDY measurement
workbook page 72

SMART poem

Religion - In notebook write how you are going to show compassion for those near and far this week.

Reading - COACH - pages 14 - 22 on looseleaf

REMEMBER Science Fair permission slip if you did not already bring it in.  If you don't have the form, send a note.

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