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Monday, April 2, 2012

Week of April 2nd

I sent home a note several weeks ago asking for each student to bring another ream of copy paper in. To date only a few students have brought the paper in. I'm embarrassed to ask again, but copying all these practice tests uses up huge amounts of paper.  Thank you!

Tuesday Homework -

ELA - 2010 Session 3 booklet (Do in book.)
Packet about Story Elements

Math - packet about fractions and decimals.  Includes a review of some basic geometry and a study sheet.

2010 Math - Days 1, 2, and 3
Study the 4 Rally Skills books. (Review the pages we did and make sure there's nothing that confuses you.)

ELA - Study from packets that I handed out. There are study packets on:
Story Elements
Author's Purpose
Frequently Mistaken Words

Tomorrow the students will receive 2002 Day 1 and Day 3 packets and a red booklet.

Monday Homework -

ELA - Poetry packet
2008 Book 3

Math -  multiplication review sheet
             Measurement book - pages 17 - 30

REMINDER - mite boxes are due

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