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Monday, April 23, 2012

Week of April 23rd

One more day of Math testing!

Tomorrow there will be 9 problems in which you have to show work and explain answers.  As practice, work on:
COACH Math pages 209 - 213
Statistics and Probability - p. 50 - 53 and explain how you got your answer.
Study from Math Solutions book.

Wednesday Homework -

Today's homework is all about focusing on areas of math you find difficult.

I handed out 2 packets. Use them to review the concepts and do whatever practice problems you need help with.

Remember to review in the RALLY books.  Be sure to bring the RALLY books back to school tomorrow.

Poetry - tomorrow is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  Write a poem or copy a favorite and bring it in tomorrow.


Tuesday Homework -

Tomorrow begins Math testing.  For homework tonight I am giving two sheets for practice. I also told the children to bring home all of the RALLY skills books plus the COACH math book to review anything they are unsure of.

Please get a good night of sleep, eat a good breakfast and bring # 2  pencils!

Monday Homework -

Math - 2 packets.

If you have any problem with the mixed numbers on page 43, just try your best and let me know.

Blue RALLY Number Sense and Operations book - finish pages 30 - 44. If you already did it, check over your answers since we spent a lot of time on that material today.

REMEMBER - Tomorrow is Walk to School Day (if you can) to try to reduce air pollution around our school. A notice went home.  It is also a free dress down day!

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