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Monday, October 26, 2009

Week of October 26 - 30

Thursday Homework -

Today was such a busy day so the homework is light.

Please finish your sketch from the park trip and remember to complete the information about populations and communities you saw in the park ecosystem.   If you don't remember what ecosystems, populations and communities are - thereis some helpful information on this site. The Franklin Institute

Reminder - Saint Projects are due tomorrow. If you aren't sure what those are, look below at the info from last Friday. I included some helpful links there.

Also - some people have asked if they can bring in treats for tomorrow. We will be celebrating Kaylin's birthday, but other treats are welcome as well if you like. It's not necessary to send something, but if you want to, feel free.

NO Thursday NIA this week.

Sorry, I printed out a notice to send home today but I got distracted and then found it on my desk after everyone left.

Homework - Wednesday October 28th

Read for at least 15 minutes. (The Witches if you haven't finished or something else if you have)

LA - Write your answer to the question about the Mouse Formula (on the sheet)


Tomorrow is Statue of Liberty Day. What do you know about the Statue of Liberty?

Homework -  Tuesday October 27th

Read The Witches for at least 15 minutes. You can now read as much of it as you'd like beyond the 15 minutes.

LA - Write the final copy of your spooky story.  You can hand write or type it - either is fine.

Math - in your notebook, write a reflection about what you did and what you learned in Math today. Some of you were with me in a small group 1st period; some of you were with me in a larger group 2nd period; some of you were in Title I math. The idea here is for you to think and write about YOUR math experience today.

YES, there is gym class tomorrow.

There will be no NIA on Thursday of this week.  Sorry.


Day one of our Middle State's visit went smoothly. The children behaved SO beautifully. Miss Michelle (our student teacher) and I were so very impressed!

Let's keep it up for day 2 and see how many warm fuzzies we can earn.

We also began a new routine with Measurement Monday. Every Monday we'll be focusing on measurement as part of Math or some other subject in order to develop measurement skills.

Homework -

Read The Witches. I assigned up to page 87 but if it's taking too long, you can stop before that.

Fill out the graphic organizer for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. This is very similar to the one we worked on today for The Witches. It's just a different format and you have to ask yourself if there is a resolution to that story.

In response to the question - no, don't cut it out,
but yes, you can color it lightly if you like. You don't have to but you can.

Math - sheet on measurement.

LA - work on spooky story.

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