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Monday, October 19, 2009

Week of October 19th - 23rd

Friday October 23, 2009

First up - HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all our wonderful Math Bee contestants. You've worked so hard and you show so much courage getting up on that stage in front of the audience. I'm SO proud of all of you!!!!!!!!

Next - we were reading two chapters of The Witches today. By Monday you should have finished up to page 64. Please don't read past that. I know it's hard but I want to discuss it with you on Monday before you read what comes next.

If you don't use up your full 15 minutes for your reading log, just go back to reading whatever other book you have.

DUE next Friday -
I just want to give some advance warning about your Saint project that is due on Friday, October 30th.

You are to create a booklet (like the one you did in 3rd grade) for our class saints. Our class has two saints - Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. John Baptiste de la Salle (note - this is not John the Baptist). I assigned Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton to the girls and St. John Baptiste de la Salle to the boys, but if you really prefer to do the other one you may. Just let me know. You can always do both if you need extra credit.

You can find information on each saint by clicking the links below:

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

St. John Baptiste de la Salle

Please remember this is to be your own work! Of course you can look up information. (That's called research!) But write it in your own words. Copying someone else's words is wrong. That's called plagiarism!

Finally, our Middle States visit begins with the assembly and 5 o'clock Mass on Sunday. We would love to have as many students as possible join us for Mass. Please wear your uniform if you are attending.


Note to the person who wrote asking what an epitaph is. There is a definition of it on the top of your paper.

Homework Thursday October 22, 2009

Since so many of our classmates are in the Math Bee tomorrow, I'm going light on homework tonight.

Read the next chapter in The Witches and think of any questions, ideas or predictions you might have.

Get Math test signed. If you scored less than 103, write me a note explaining either what your mistake was (if it was just a mistake but you really do know it) or wjat part of the math is confusing to you. (In other words - where are you getting stuck?)

Fill in the epitaph for Ichabod Crane on the headstone. Use your imagination and your knowledge of his character to decide what to write.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow to our Math Bee contestants!!!!! We're so proud of you!

Homework Wednesday October 21, 2009

Dress in red tomorrow for Red Ribbon Week ($2.00)

Read the next chapter in The Witches and complete the chart. Remember to include this on your log. You have to turn the paper over for the remainder of the month.

Science - vocabulary sheet
(If you have not brought in your permission slip - remember it tomorrow!)

Writing complete the sheet about your story.

I sent a notice home about a class directory.

Homework Tuesday October 20, 2009

Today, October 20th, 2009 is the first annual National Day on Writing. As part of our celebration of writing, for homework I want you to write for 15 minutes in your Writer's Notebook about any topic and in any form you would like. That means you can write a story, a poem, comic, letter, email, etc. Just write for at least 15 minutes!

Reading - Read the second chapter of The Witches - pages 12 - 23.

Complete, color and cut out Religion sheet on being a Disciple.

Study for Math test - Place value, ordering numbers, <, >, =

Note - some people had a question - YES you do have gym tomorrow.


Please note there will be no NIA class tomorrow, Tuesday, due to the half day.

Homework Monday October 19, 2009

Bring in Permission slip for this month’s park trip.

Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Religion – Unit 1 Take Home Test. You may use your book to answer the questions.

Math – do review sheet for test. Be sure to tell me if there is a part you couldn’t understand.

1) On the sheet, draw your favorite scene from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

2) The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ends in a mysterious way. Which of the following do you think best explains the ending? On looseleaf, write a paragraph explaining which answer you chose and why you chose it.

a) “Some suspect he was the victim of a cruel prank, and blame his disappearance on Brom Van Brunt.”

b) “Some say he left on his own accord, too embarrassed to face his beloved Katrina.”

c) “It would not surprise me if he had been spirited away by some … headless ghost.”

Remember – Dismissal tomorrow is at 11:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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