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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week of April 11 - 16

Weekend Homework

ELA - COACH Chapter 4 (not Lesson 4, do Chapter 4)
Math - Lesson 27

Thursday Homework

Read Chapter 3 of Rules. Respond in RRJ by answering at least 2 of the 5 questions on the sheet.
ELA - essay

Math - DHP p. 130

Wednesday Homework
Read Chapter 2 of Rules.

Reread the Titanic poem

ELA Coach - Lessons 26 and 27  Read and do the exercises (pages 192 - 203).

Math - finish the decimal place value sheet by converting all of the decimals to mixed numbers (a whole number and a fraction). Do Coach Lesson 21.

I think this is the math link you were asking for. If not, you can try here anyway.

4th grade math

Tuesday Homework -

Read Rules Chapter 1. You can use this toward your 20 minutes and record on log or keep using your Reading log book for that. March logs should have been turned in by now.

ELA - mini-packet (3 stories and questions)

Math- both sides of decimal sheet.

With allergy season in full blast, we are in desperate need of tissues. Thanks!

Monday Homework -

Read 20 minutes and record on log. March logs should be turned in now.

ELA - Max's story sheet and Part  3 essay

Math - decimals sheet and COACH lesson 30.

Welcome Back!

Just a reminder - according to Mrs. Bartone, students should still be wearing winter uniforms until May. If the weather continues to be hot, that may change, but as of now, winter uniforms are still on.


  1. Mrs. Curry,
    for gym can we wear our shorts?

  2. Sorry I just relized I didn't sign my name with that comment.


  3. As far as I know, no, Aisling. Mrs. Bartone told me that it's still winter uniforms so I think that applies to gym as well.

  4. i just wanted to make sure if we had to do the ELA coach answers ion our reading/ ELA note book.