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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving!
A few updates:
The take-home Science test is due Monday. The in-class test will be Tuesday (on basically what is on the take-home test). 
Mia gave out a letter today regarding book donations. She and her sister are collecting books to bring to children in The Rockaways who suffered losses from Hurricane Sandy. If you have books that you have read and don't need to keep any longer (and they're in good condition), won't you please donate them so someone else can have books to read? Of course a new book is also welcome. (Just in case you're wondering.)

Vacation Work - 

I'm so sorry to have to give a packet over Thanksgiving break, but we're still catching up from the week off.

Homework is the Science Take Home test.   Open book, help permitted.

I'm also encouraging the students to participate in a writing contest the Diocese is sponsoring in connection with The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The Grand Prize Winner will receive 4 tickets to the December 19th performance of How the Grinch Stole Christmas (as well as winning tickets for the entire class to attend).
There will also be 5 First Place Runner-Up prizes that win 4 tickets each to the performance.

The contest is open to grades 4 and 5. Three finalist entries will be selected from our school to go on to the diocesan competition. The Office of the Superintendent will announce the winning entries on or before December 10th, 2012.

Here are the rules:

Students are to write a one-page type written essay on the topic "What is your favorite Christmas story?"
Essays must be typed, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font, one inch margins all around.
There should be a title page with Student's name and grade. Do NOT include this information on the essay page. There should be NO heading on that page.
The entries will be judged using the NYS Thematic Scoring Rubric. (Copy available here.)

Essays may be emailed to me (as a Word doc) or submitted on the day we return from Thanksgiving break.

REMINDER - Wednesday dismissal is at 11:30. There is no afterschool.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Reading comprehension sheet (poem)
Religion - read the Thanksgiving prayer and write your own prayer of thanks on the turkey.
Math - Thanksgiving math sheets. Try your best. Some problems are a review of multiplication skills.
Social Studies - Chapter 1 test (Lessons 1, 2, and 3)
Remember - bring your apple for tomorrow!

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Religion - write a birthday letter to Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne. She felt like her life was a failure because she couldn't speak the Potawatomi language. Using information from the page I gave you, write a letter encouraging her. (On looseleaf)

Math - Reflex

SS - sheet. Study for test on Wednesday

Science notebooks. I will be collecting them tomorrow to grade so take the time to make sure everything is complete.
Your Table of Contents should look like this:

1. Observation Skills
2. Observation of a Peach
3.  Observation of _____________ (Whatever you did for homework)
4.  Ladybugs!
5. Observation of an Ice Cube
6. Glaciers
7. Pumpkin Observations

Reminder - bring in an apple for Wednesday

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