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Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Weekend

Dear 4-208 Parents,

Today we began a new school-wide initiative to encourage our students to become "Bucket-Fillers". This is part of our ongoing anti-bullying program.

Please ask your child what a bucket-filler is and what they learned from the stories we read.

As part of our bucket-filling plan and as a beginning of Advent project, we are going to participate in the Red Cross Christmas Cards to our veterans project Holiday Mail for Heroes.

On Monday we will be making Christmas cards to send to injured veterans.
(Note: no personal identifying information will be included - just first names.)

You can watch some videos about the project here and see how touched the veterans are to be thought of at Christmas - and as one soldier says - it's especially heartwarming when they receive cards from children.

We don't really need much in the way of supplies for this, but if you should happen to have any old Christmas cards that we can cut up, or Christmas stickers, we'd appreciate them. Thanks.
No glitter is allowed.

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