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Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of November 5th

My apologies this is being posted late. Our internet went out at school this afternoon. I did print the homework out and give it to each student to be sure they had the correct work.

REMINDER - Picture day is tomorrow.

Thursday Homework -
Read for 25 minutes and record on Paws for Reading log
Math - sheet
Wordly Wise 4E (we skipped over C and D but will go back to them)
SpellCheck test is tomorrow

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 25 minutes and record on Paws for Reading log
Math - page 19
Wordly Wise 4 A and B
Writing - finish the first paragraph only of your book review.

No letters due this week.

If you want to vote on the Time for Kids site - use this link

Tuesday Homework –

Read for 25 minutes. Record on your Paws for Reading log.

1.  sheet
2. How many ways can you make the number 976 using flats, rods(longs) and units (cubes)?
Do this in your notebook the way we were doing in class. See how many different ways you can make the number.

Social Studies – Using the papers I gave you and The Election Book, write a paragraph telling how you would explain the American Presidential election to someone from another country who didn’t understand how we choose a leader. Use as many details from the text as you can.   (looseleaf)

Monday Homework -

Several important notices went home so please check your child's folder.
I included the old hurricane notice because it has info for future storms.

Read chapters 9 and 10 in The Election Book and take notes the same way in your SS notebook. (This counts as your reading homework.)

On looseleaf, write a paragraph about why it is important to vote.

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