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Monday, October 22, 2012

Week of October 22nd

Just to clarify Spell Check - all students in my class have to take the test (end of next week) because these are words 4th graders are expected to be able to spell, but the pledge is voluntary.

Thursday Homework

Reread chapters 2 and 3 in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Think about how we reread Chapter 1 this morning and used post it notes to record the language (words, sentences) that described the setting. This time you are to focus on characters. For Chapter 2 look for language in the text that helps you have a mental picture of the Headless Horseman. For Chapter 3 do the same for Ichabod Crane. The key here is finding the words the author uses to help you imagine the character.  Use a different post-it note for each page and leave the note on the page.

Math - Reflex.  There are still way too many low usage reports.

Social Studies – postcard sheet

Wordly Wise – review sheet and study for test.
Wednesday Homework -
Tomorrow is Dress in Red Day - $2
Read Chapter 4 in the Election book. Reread and take notes in your Social Studies notebook as you did last night..
Science - reread pages C34 to C39 and complete the sheet comparing what you read with what you observed with our glacier.
Wordly Wise - 3 C and D (Test Friday)
ELA - test tomorrow on sentences only (not the rest of Chapter 1).

Tuesday Homework -
Remember to bring your Rosary beads for the Rosary Rally tomorrow.
Read Chapter 3 in the Election book. Reread and take notes in your Social Studies notebook as follows.
Write the title of the book and the title of the chapter. Write each subtitle as you get to it. Then write one interesting or important fact you found under that subtitle. Do the same for each subtitle.

Social Studies - vocabulary sheet. You can use the vocabulary notes in your notebook.

ELA - review sheet - both sides

Math sheet - do only the number of problems I assigned you.

Monday Homework

Read for 20 minutes in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If you have already finished the story, go back and reread.  Log on your Paws for Reading Log.

ELA - (Test Thursday)  Review.  Do the following in your notebook. Follow all directions in the book.
p. 24 - 1 - 8
page 28 A and B - odd only
page 29 A and B - odd only

Math - sheet

Wordly Wise - spelling and vocab test on Friday

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