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Monday, June 11, 2012

Week of June 11th

According to Mrs. Bartone's announcement, the students get a free dress down day tomorrow (Friday) and Monday. These are rewards for good behavior. Congratulations!!!

Mythology Day was a huge success and fun for all. 

We took pictures, shared stories, ate cake, and celebrated Demeter/Angie's birthday.

 No homework for Thursday but remember to bring your Art/Science environment materials for the project tomorrow.

Remember - tomorrow is Mythology Day!

Wednesday Homework -

SS sheet

Finish Mythology report

Read next two chapters in Charlotte's Web (up to 117)

Work on class newspaper stories.  (Remember, you can email them to the address on Homework Hero if you like)

Tuesday Homework - You can use any homework passes you have left, whether I've handed you a paper or just told you.

Read up to page 104 in Charlotte's Web.

Religion - Complete the workbook pages we skipped over in class from Lesson 18. Pages 209, 210, 211, 213.

Talk to your parents about what you plan to bring for the year-end party on Monday.

Work on mythology presentation if you haven't already handed it in.

Start to gather materials for your Art project. We will be working on it on Friday.

I'm not sure who sent me the question about the mythology report, but all you have to do is scroll down the page. The questions are posted under last week's homework.

Remember tomorrow is Fiesta Day for Spanish!  Bring whatever you promised to bring.

A notice went home about a wedding/end of the year present for our lunch mother.

Monday homework -

Read the next two chapters in Charlotte's Web.

Take a position on Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban of large size sugary drinks.
Make a list of reasons to support your idea.  (Do in Writer's Notebook)

Get Social Studies test signed.  Do retest if I gave you one.

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