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Monday, June 4, 2012

Week of no more testing!

Thursday Homework -

Social Studies take home test due tomorrow

Read the next two chapters of Charlotte's Web.

Wednesday Homework -

Read in Mission Prayer book.
SS - In your SS notebook - on one page draw and label either an Iroquois Longhouse or an Algonquian Wigwam. On the facing page draw and label a cross-section of your house. On the next page write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the two types of homes. You can use a Venn Diagram to plan your essay.

ELA - BEFORE you read tonight, write a descriptive paragraph (using 5 senses) of what summer is like for you. Do it in your Writer's Notebook. THEN read the chapter of Charlotte's Web called "Summer Days"

Tuesday Homework -

Work on Mythology report.  Mythology Day will be Thursday, June 14th.
Religion - pages 198 - 201
ELA - rewrite the scene from Charlotte's Web making it from Fern's point of view. Remember to choose a tone for the scene and choose words to help the reader feel that tone.  Use either the scene when Wilbur escapes or the lonely scene.

Read Chapter 5 of Charlotte's Web.

To update for Arianna and anyone else who doesn't know -

For the Mythology report you are supposed to be working on the answers to these questions:

Who is your character?
Where does this character come from?
What is their area or domain of influence (god of fire, goddess of love, etc.)
What are their qualities, strengths, or talents? (superhuman power, can change forms, etc.)
What personality traits or flaws do they have? (very jealous, fall in love with everyone, greedy, etc.)
What is one interesting story about the character? Describe it.

Yes, we're DONE!  With state testing that is.

Homework for Monday - read chapters 3 and 4 of Charlotte's Web and respond in RRJ.

Remember - DRESS DOWN tomorrow - $2


  1. What do we do we write about for our mythology report? And our Charlottes Web is based on chapters 3&4 right?!


  2. Arianna,
    Hope you're feeling better.

    I put the details in the post above so you can see.

    Don't worry if you have any questions about the Charlotte's Web HW because it is based on work we did in class today.