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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Word Study

Amanda, today's Tale of Despereaux sheet is totally different. This is the double entry journal sheet.

Yes, Nicolas - noun and verb

Amanda - no, don't glue it. The final page will be bigger.

Alex - you cna read as far as you want as long as you're willing to go back and reread certain parts with me when we get to them.

Aisling - they don't have to be any big deal - just language that you like, or a scene you particularly like and why you chose it. We'll continue to add to it as we read.

Thursday homework -

WORD STUDY test is tomorrow. You should know both noun and verb meanings for the words that have both.

Reading - read on in Tale of Despereaux and do Double Entry Journal

Science - Read pages  A 70 - 73 and do questions 1 - 15 on sheet.

Isabelle - sorry I just got your comment. No, if you did the 3 digit, you didn't have to do 2 digit.

Math test - for those who were absent and the others asking, I'll repost what's below about the Math test -

It's the multiplication part of Chapter 4. The information is on pages 138, 140, 142, 146, 148,156. There are sample problems on other pages. It should all be in your notebook too. In addition to those pages, the test will include double digit multiplication which you can do the standard way or with lattice.

Ryan and anyone else who is wondering - on the Math, if the apples are too dark, write the answer beneath or next to it.

Aisling - and anyone else - yes, Alex's question was if you can type the SS letter. Yes, you can but of course you don't have to.

I've gotten a few questions about reading ahead in Tale of Despereaux. I was rereading it on the subway this afternoon and wondering how many of you hated having to stop rather than read on. Please don't read on any more tonight but we can talk about it tomorrow and see if we can find a way to work it out. I know it's HARD to want to read on and not be able to.

Mrs. B - yes, Level 6 would be grade 6

Amanda,  yes you can predict before you read chapter 3. Or if you've already read it, you can predict about chapter 4 or beyond.

Alex, yes you can type the letter.  For the math you have to do the 2 - digit but try the 3 - digit as a challenge.

The word study program that we are working with has a website with review work and vocabulary games that can help you to learn the words and their meanings.

Go to WordlyWise3000 Grade 4 and click on Lesson 1 under Word List or Games.

Homework - Wednesday

Read for 20 minutes (including Chapter 3 of Tale of Despereaux).
Complete sheet for Tale of Despereaux (you can use any information from the first 3 chapters)

Math - sheet and study for test

SS - Read pages 78 - 83. Do questions on page 83 (1 - 5) in notebook. Do the writing link as a letter instead of a short story and do that on looseleaf.

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