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Monday, December 21, 2009

Week of December 21st to 23rd

My cat is Bartholomew. "Bart" for short, Mike.

There is no charge for tomorrow's dress down - it's a Christmas present from Mrs. Bartone.

Yes, Alex. You can write your own melody.

Tuesday homework -

Read the story about the song The Twelve Days of Christmas and write your own Christmas song.

Practice reading your Readers Theater script of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

The packets for test prep over the break went home today with a cover letter of explanation.

Just a note about the gardens - some of them haven't started to visibly grow yet because we planted them on different days.  The ones you see below were some of the first we planted. Some of the others are just beginning to sprout.  The one below is Mike B's and you can really see the new seedling growing from the bean. Also, look at all the roots!  If you look carefully, you can also see the corn growing in the middle against the bottle wall.

Our Three Sisters Gardens are growing -

This one is Dean's.

This one is Stephanie's.

This one shows germination.

Some More Pictures -

I took these two photos in the park this afternoon so you could use them for your observation. Click on them to see them full size.

and another

SPANISH Homework -

Color ten pictures on the sheet. Cut them out and paste them in the boxes. There is a rumor of a test on the sheet so know the ten things you did. You need to know them to play BINGO.

According to Thomas, he has it written in his notebook that there is a test on the words.   Thanks, Thomas for letting me know.

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record in log.

Writing - Read the winter poems and write your own winter poem. (Yes you can type it ;)  ) Decorate the paper to suit your poem.

Math - worksheet and DHP book page 102.

Science - Do December Park observation in Science Notebook based on the view we observed from the art room today.

Religion - Take Advent Journal home and make sure you have completed everything up until today.

Science Fair packets go home today.

Mrs. DiDilectis has assigned the following essay:

What Saint Ephrem means to me.  The essay, which must be written neatly or typed, is due January 6, 2010.

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