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Monday, December 14, 2009

Week of December 14th - 18th

Mrs. B. - Yes I did.  I'll take care of it.

So glad to hear you're feeling better, Thomas. Good luck with the game tomorrow!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent in something for Isabelle's going away party.

A note regarding the grab bag presents -

We held a vote to determine whether to do Kris Kringle or Grab Bag. The majority voted for Grab Bag.  To be honest, I have had problems in the past with both methods and unhappy students :( so I almost didn't do it at all. We decided to go with the Grab Bag and allow only those who want to participate to do so.  Please note - you don't have to be a part of it. Anyone who brings in a present will get to choose a present. To make it simple, girls should bring a present for another girl and boys should bring a present for another boy. we will exchange presents at the party on Wednesday.

Yes - another party!  We sure have had a lot of them this month. This one will be pretty early in the morning since it's an early dismissal day. Children can bring in something to share, but they can also bring breakfast if they'd like.

Stephanie - yes you can type it.  See what I added below.

Ms. Jones, I'll send home a note with Brandon tomorrow.

Re the grab bag - It would be great if the children could bring it in by Monday (or Tuesday) so no one forgets it at the last minute, but they can bring it earlier if they wish.  As far as a price limit - it's been so long since I had to buy for this age - Does $10 sound about right or should it be $10 - $15? I'd love some feedback on what you think.

Thursday Homework -
 Reading 20 minutes (in Tale of Despereaux if you haven't finished)

Writing - Write a newspaper report of the Mouse Council meeting that we read aloud in class today. Be sure to really think like a reporter would and make sure to answer the W questions - Who? What? When? Where? Why?  Try to include a lot of details and make the scene come alive!  You can do it however you like - just a report on looseleaf, typed to look like a real newspaper story, etc. Be creative!

Math - p. 45

Spelling - We're going back to read The Train to Somewhere so I'm assigning those spelling words this week.  Do pages 6 and 7.

Aisling -   Yes he can. Tell him to give it to me in the morning.

Not sure who sent me the question about the Despereaux letter, but if you forgot the scroll, do it on looseleaf tonight and you can copy it onto the scroll tomorrow.

Wednesday Homework -

Reading 20 minutes (in Tale of Despereaux if you haven't finished)  You should at least be done with Book 1 ( page 81)

SS -  workbook pages 16 and 17.  Use textbook if you need it.

Writing - using the scroll I gave you, write a letter from Despereaux to Princess Pea telling her all about being trapped in the dungeon. Really try to think like Despereaux  and write the way he would, pouring his heart out to his beloved princess.

Math - if you didn't finish the multiplication/division practice - 1 - 30 on page 172 - finish for homework.

Remember your party stuff.  :)

Parents - the majority decided on a Christmas grab bag so that only those who wished to participate could. Girls should buy girl presents and boys should buy boy presents.

Hi Mike.  Congrats on finishing Tale of Despereaux!  Teressa will have him tomorrow night and Victoria will have him Thursday so you can have him for the weekend.

Isabelle - don't worry about it. I'll explain better tomorrow.

Tuesday Homework

Reading 20 minutes (in Tale of Despereaux if you haven't finished)

Reading sheet (Snowman Cookies)

Math Cooking/Measurement sheet.  If you have trouble with this, just try your best and bring in what you were able to do.

Science - in your Science notebook, write and draw what you expect will happen in your Three Sisters Garden. Base your predictions on what you know about plant growth and on what you have observed in the bottles done so far.

Got your message. Thanks, Mrs. Maguire!

Aisling - you should still be able to order tonight. Let me know if there's a problem.

Alex - As many as you can find.  Themore the better!

Teressa!  Woo Hoooooo.  Soon you can take Despereaux home with you! (And it's not even snowing!  ;)  )

Today was Ms.Michelle's last day with us so it was a bittersweet day. We will miss her A LOT!

Homework -

Reading 20 minutes (in Tale of Despereaux if you haven't finished)
In RRJ - list examples of language Kate DiCamillo uses to show the themes of light and darkness in Tale of Despereaux

Math - sheet (both sides) You don't have to actually measure it if you can figure it out.

SS - sheets comparing your house with Native American houses

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  1. Thank you so much to Mrs. Curry and class 4-208 for making my first student teaching experience so great! I have learned so much and have really enjoyed being there each and everyday! You are all so lucky to have such a wonderful 4th grade teacher! as well as Mrs. Curry being so lucky to have all of you! I am so sad that today was my last day but hopefully I will get a chance to come and visit you all next year ;-) Merry Christmas to you and your families! Happy New Year!
    Thank you for everything!!
    Much Love,
    Ms. Michelle