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Monday, December 28, 2009

Enjoying the break

I'm happy to hear from so many of you who are doing some great reading over the break.  Good for you!

Michael - sounds like you're having a great vacation!

To Mike and anyone else wondering about watering your plants - you shouldn't have to if you keep the bottle sealed. The water recycles  - a water cycle. However, if the dirt seems dry (because sometimes the bottles aren't sealed completely tight) or if you've had to open them to let the plants continue to grow, then sure, you can give them some water. Just don't flood them. :)  If you still have the bottle taped together, just unscrew the cap and put water in that way.

I hope everyone's having a great vacation and enjoying the time off from school!

Thomas, SO glad you got your cookies!

Teressa, way cool about your garden growing so much. Can you take a picture of it?

Waves to everyone else who stops by.  I miss seeing you every day so say hello if you drop by.

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