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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Aisling - sure - go ahead and cut the top of the bottle off if your plant is overgrowing!  You'll have to remember to water it though once the top is gone.  And sure, you can make your own January reading log on the bottom of the December one for the 1st through the 4th - if you like.

Congrats to Aisling on finishing Tale of Despereaux and to Caroline and Thomas for being almost done :)

Dean, I'm glad to hear you're enjoying The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  You'll have to tell me if it's very different from the movie.

Thomas - and anyone else who is wondering - you don't have to read during the rest of the vacation, but any vacation reading you do should be recorded on the December sheet for extra credit (even if it's January reading).  You'll get the new reading logs on Monday.

Alex,  that's so cool about your plants growing so much. Take a picture if you can.

Michael - Congrats on finishing your book. My daughters have always been fascinated by Titanic stuff. Just yesterday they went to an exhibit in NYC with artifacts from the ship.  I'll give you the link to show your parents in case you're interested.  Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition

Hi Stephanie!  Congrats on finishing Inkheart. You beat me to it. I'm only half way through - well a little more than halfway.  Did you love it?  Let me know if you get a chance to read Inkspell. If not, I'll bring in a copy for you after the break if you want.

Isabelle, it's great to hear from you!  I posted your comment and an answer to it in the comments section.
Anyone who wants to can answer you here.


  1. Hi Mrs. Curry and class! I miss all of you and sorry I haven't kept in touch latley. I know this is late but Merry Christmas. Hope you did and got lots of presents and snow. I have about a foot and it's 0 degrees outside. The warm things you gave me came in handy. :)I hope your all doing well in school. Speaking of school, my new school has different teams, like Hogwarts. Anyway,congrats to Stephanie for finishing Inkheart! Sadly, my reading fell WAY behind the point I wanted to be at. :( Steph and Mrs. Curry (If you have read up to that point,and knowing you I think you have), don't you want to live in Elinor's house and read all day and have endless amounts of books and ....... wow this is getting long. Happy New Year,Isabelle

  2. Hi back, Isabelle!

    Thanks for letting us know how you're doing. I hope you'll tell us more about the different teams at your new school. What's your team's name?

    I know exactly what you mean about Elinor's house and to tell you the truth, my house is kind of like that. We have walls and walls of books. I don't have as many as Elinor, but everyone in my family collects books so we do have a lot!

    Happy New year to you too!

  3. Happy New Year Class! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

    From, Caroline

  4. Hi again, everyone! I don't really know to much about my school yet, but the only thing I do know other then what I've told you already is that at the end of the school year, the fourth graders make something for their team to remember then by because they move on to MIDDLE school, one whole year before you guys. :P Oh, and our middle school comes one whole year ahead of you. I really don't know if that's a good or bad thing. What do you think? My team is called "Lighthouse." I really don't think they spent to much time on making our names, what about you? :) Mrs. Curry, I wish my house was like that. I am SO close to finishing Inkheart. I read nonstop for about an hour before I had to help do something. :( I took my reading light into my closet so no one could find me, but they eventually did. Oh, one more thing. My three sisters garden is FROZEN SOLID. I had to throw it away. :( Happy New Year, Isabelle

  5. Hii Isabelle i miss u and happy New Years!!! I cant belive ur team is called lighthouse that is soooo ..... well i dont have the word to tell u what it is. I have no idea why!!!! I am ssoo wierd. :) I hope u visit soon bye. awww man i dont wanna say bye again:(
    oh welli guess i doo. oh and one more thing i lost ur number to call u so u can call me if u get this message(i hope i spelled message right).
    bye and as i said pretty pretty please visit and call me when u have the time
    From ur bff Teressa Martinelli

  6. Happy New Year!!! HAPPY 2010!!!


  7. LOL Teressa, I love the name Lighthouse for her team because I've always loved anything to do with lighthouses. I always thought a lighthouse would be a cool place to live. All that ocean around you. I love being by the ocean.

    Isabelle - you made me laugh about reading in the closet. That is SO something I would have done at your age. In fact, I know I did. ;)

  8. hi isabelle! i hope you get this message.You are sooo lucky you skip 5th grade. even though its the day after new years i want to wish u a happy new year!Like Mrs.Curry i like the name Lighthouse too. Please write back, Amanda

  9. Hey Guys,
    Happy New Year!!! (Another year another nickle persay!) Hope you guys had a great vacation i know i am! :D :P Im Going to Great Wolf Lodge (or at least gonna try too) Again. Hey Isabelle! Happy Your well! Well, this is getting awkward.... Bye... From,

  10. Amanda, I don't think she was saying that she gets to skip 5th grade - just that in her school, 5th grade is part of Middle School. Here you have to wait til 6th grade to be in Middle School or Jr. High.

    Have a great trip, Nicolas. That looks like a fun place.

  11. ohhh - Steph and Isabelle - I finished Inkheart yesterday. I have another book I'm reading, but then I guess I'll start Inkspell. Anyone want to borrow my copy of Inkheart?

  12. Hi everyone, this is going to be sort of a list of things I want to tell you. I finished Inkheart like a week ago. I'm now reading twilight. Amanda, mrs. curry's right. My school is great. That pulled peppermint was SOOOOOO good. i had to put Inkspell to the side for a while, my class is reading so much. My teacher's sort of a male version of mrs. curry, but not like looks or anything. They both like books, but of corse I like Mrs. curry WAY WAY WAY WAY(I could write like a million ways:) better. Sorry for any mispells or puncuation errors.
    Merry January, Isabelle

  13. Hey Isabelle!

    It's always fun to check in and see a comment from you. I'm so happy to hear you like your new school and teacher so much. I had a feeling you would!

    When you get a chance, check out our new book blog - the link is at the top. You can still come and discuss books with us if you want. :)

    I thought you already read Twilight. No?

    Teressa said you had 36 inches of snow so today for Measurement Monday, we measured what 36 inches of snow would look like and put the pieces up on the wall in the hall. That was A LOT of snow!!!!!

  14. Hi Isabelle i miss you soo sooo much. I always think about you. I hope you visit New York soon i cant wait anymore!!!!! please Please comment back again. Bye
    Your Bff Teressa