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Monday, March 4, 2013

Week of March 4th

Weekend homework - 

Read for 30 minutes.
Science - study for test - Chapter 9, Lesson 6 only. That covers the part of weather we have been working on about air, atmosphere, winds, clouds, etc.

Math - mini packet - Safari word problems.
ELA - 2007 test

Reminder - Re-registration is due by Friday. Even if you are not returning, please return the form so we know.

Thursday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes in your Newbery book.
Write a letter to me telling me how your Newbery reading has been going. Tell me what you've read so far and what you think of it. Do you agree that the book deserved an award? How would you compare it to other books you have read. Share your thoughts.
The letter must be at least one side of looseleaf.
Wordly Wise - B and C
Science -sheet (both sides)
Math -  workbook page 98

REMINDER - you need to be doing REFLEX at least 3 times a week.

Religion test was postponed until tomorrow because the copy machine was under repair the past two days.

Wednesday Homework - 

Read for 30 minutes in your Newbery book.

Science - Continue with note-taking for pages D64 - 69

Math -  Because we had the fraction test today, tonight's homework is a word problem review. Number Sense and Operations Packet - pages 59 - 67.

Reminder - Religion test is tomorrow.

Regarding the Math homework -

I'm not sure what happened, but the papers must have fed through the copier wrong. I noticed a number of words were cut off along with parts of questions 3 and 4. You can skip anything you can't read, but I think only question 3 was really affected.

So just to clarify some things I've gotten questions about - Math quiz is Wednesday. It's on what we've done so far on fractions  - identifying them, adding and subtracting them, simple equivalent fractions (ex 1/2 = 2/4).

Measurement Monday is something altogether separate. I find that doing all measurement together as a unit is overwhelming, so we do it on Mondays in March and April - Measurement Mondays. Each Monday will be a different type of measurement. For this week it was using a ruler/yardstick for inches, feet, yards, and converting the measurements - inches to feet, feet to yards, etc. Once we've done the measurement, I'll begin to include that kind of problem in our word problem practice.  Measurement is NOT on Wednesday's test.

Religion test is on the three chapters they did practice tests for - Chapters 8, 9, 10.   They only have to study what is on the sheets. Ch 8 is an overview of the Ten Commandments. Ch. 9 is Commandment #1 and 10 is Commandment #2.

Reminder - the Science Fair project approval papers should have been turned in already.
Projects will be due the week of March 18th. Children will be scheduled for different days during that week.

Tuesday Homework -
Read for 30 minutes in your Newbery book.

Wordly Wise - Look up new words and make the chart of words you know and words you need to learn.
Math - packet
ELA - grammar sheet and page 2 of packet (which is numbered page 176).

Monday Homework -
Read for 30 minutes in your Newbery book.

Wordly Wise - review sheet
Math - Measurement Monday!  Do workbook pages 71 and 72.
Social Studies read pages 84 and 85 and do questions on page 85 in notebook.
Religion test - study the tests I gave back.

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