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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week of March 11th

Thursday Homework

Read for 30 minutes
Social Studies sheet - do in notebook
Math - sheet.  You do not have to do questions #6 and 10 - 13 because those involve simplifying. If you understand simplifying fractions, you can give them a try.
Wordly Wise - finish E.  Test tomorrow

Wednesday Homework -

Read in Social Studies text (pages 94 - 99) and take notes.
Math - workbook page 100. (This is a review of factors before using them to simplify fractions.)
Wordly Wise D and E. E is not due until Friday. Test is Friday.
Science - work on your egg plan. I want to see some writing about it!

Parents - I have to return for round 2 of the state testing workshops tomorrow afternoon. I'll be at school until 12 and then the students will most likely join the Jr. High for Stations from 12 - 12:30. Barring any last minute changes, dismissal will be from Church.

Tuesday Homework

Read for 30 minutes
ELA - essay sheet about King Puck story (in your notebook). This is not your final draft.
Math - Finish equivalent fractions sheet and do orange workbook page 99


Social Studies - this afternoon you were supposed to be working on taking notes on pages 88 - 92. If you did not complete that, finish it for homework.

Monday Homework

Read for 30 minutes
ELA sheet

Math - orange workbook page 76
Green workbook page 8 (in your problem solving notebook)

Think about the egg experiment and what you want to do.

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