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Monday, March 18, 2013

Week of March 18th

Remember - tomorrow is Dress Down for Autism   $2 donation

Thursday Homework - 

Read for 30 minutes

Math - 2 sheets
SS- take home test (due Friday)  Actual test will be next Tuesday.

Wednesday Homework - 

Read for 30 minutes.
SS/ELA - read the packet with info about the Algonquians. Take notes on important facts in SS notebook.
Math - workbook pages 109 (try) and 111 (finish).

Wordly Wise test will not be until after Easter break.

Tuesday Homework - 

Read for 30 minutes. That may include the ELA.

ELA - In a recent writing assignment, there was some confusion about the difference between plot and theme. So for tonight, I'd like the students to work in the COACH book and do Lesson 28 - Plot and Lesson 31 - Theme. Do any exercises on loose leaf.


 Reminder - dismissal is at 11:30 tomorrow.

A followup slip went home to everyone who signed up for a Tuesday conference, so please check with your child.

Monday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes.
Math - for Measurement Monday we were practicing measuring angles. The workbook pages (119 and 120) are a review of some of the skills we worked on.

ELA - finish a good draft of your Pourquoi story on looseleaf.

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