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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week of February 25th

A couple of items:
1) Just a reminder - the new dismissal policy will begin on Monday. Our class will be dismissing under the bridge.

2)  As promised, here are the links for the COACH books mentioned in yesterday's notice. Please send in the check by Monday if you are ordering.

MATH:   http://www.triumphlearning.com/new-york-common-core-coach-student-edition-24187.html

ELA:   http://www.triumphlearning.com/common-core/implementation-and-transition/new-york-common-core-coach-student-edition.html

Friday Homework:

Math - RALLY Number Sense and Operations - pages 30 - 40.
ELA - RALLY Sequence packet - pages 1 - 15.

1) Complete your Oobleck observation. Be sure to include sketches and a paragraph about how the oobleck you made is similar to or different from the oobleck in the book.
2) 2 sheets. The information can be found in the text  between pages 2 and 59. We will be having a test on this material on March 11th. I will give a study guide next week.

Upcoming tests -
Religion - Thursday on first two commandments
Math - fraction quiz on Wednesday on what we have learned so far. (Identifying fractions, fractions on a number line, adding and subtracting fractions).

Thursday Homework

2 notices and March calendar went home.

Read for 30 minutes in Tale of Despereaux or Newbery books. Logs due tomorrow.

Wordly Wise – midterm test (Yes, you may use the book!)

Math – Make models of the addition and subtraction problems (4 of each). Do in notebook.

Social Studies – Make two ecosystem charts (living/nonliving things). One should be from the SS text pictures on pages 80 and 82. One should be the view from your house of your neighborhood. You may sketch or take a photo to go with that one.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes in Tale of Despereaux or your Newbery book.  Remember to log. Logs are due Friday.
Math - workbook page 96
Social Studies - read pages 77 - 83in text and take notes for each of the sections as we have done in the past by writing the title of the section and at least one important fact from each section.
Religion - complete open book test if you did not complete it in class.

Tuesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes in Tale of Despereaux or your Newbery book.  Remember to log. Logs are due Friday.
Anyone who still wishes to send in the Six Flags log must send it in by tomorrow.
Math - sheets.
Anyone who did not do page 95 from last night should make it up tonight. My apologies for leaving it off the homework page.
Science - read pages A 40 - 45 in Science text and complete the art ecosystem chart in your notebook.

Wordly Wise - study!  Test is tomorrow

Monday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes in Tale of Despereaux or your Newbery book.  We need to be finishing up TofD.
ELA - Do planning page for essay. I should see three sections:
How did Shadowtail behave at the beginning of the passage.
How did Shadowtail behave at the end of the passage.
What caused his behavior to change.

Remember to fill each of those lists with details from the passage.  Do NOT write the essay and do not finish question 30.

Religion - think about ways to show love for God and for your neighbor this week.
Wordly Wise - study!  Test is Wednesday

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