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Monday, November 8, 2010

Week of November 8th


Read 15 minutes each day. You can read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something else.
Religion - in your Religion notebook, write a prayer for the veterans whose special day we celebrate on Thursday.

SS test is postponed until Monday
Do SS take home test. This counts as a homework grade but also as a review for the Monday test. I suggest you reread Lesson 3 before doing the test.


Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Note: Wimpy Kid fans who are reading the book that came out today can read that instead of Charlie tonight!
While you are reading, write down any questions you think of on either your post-its or in your RRJ.

Science - study Lesson 3 for test on Glaciers.

Annushka has a recommendation below in comments for a site to help. I also recommend the official site for the book - Shaping the Earth.

Monday -

Read for 15 minutes.
In RRJ, write a paragraph on your thoughts about Roald Dahl books you have read so far. (We're starting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tomorrow.)
Math - test signed and corrected.
Religion - test signed and corrected. Read pages 46 - 49 and answer questions in NB.
Science - sheet. This is a review for Wed. test. Test is only on Lesson 3 Glaciers

SS test on Friday is on Chapter 1. We will go over it more tomorrow.

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  1. You know the science test to-morrow? Well instead of using the text book I'm on the http://www.mhschool.com/science/2005/student/gl/glossary.php3 website and studing there. It's vey useful! I reccomend you post it on this website.