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Monday, November 1, 2010

Week of November 1st

Reminder - PICTURE DAY is tomorrow!

Saint Project due Nov. 9th
Please remember $1 for mission money.

Thursday -

Read for 15 minutes. Before you read, choose one of the strategies to work on and write it in your RRJ. After reading, evaluate how well you used the strategy.

Word Study - Lesson 3 words - review the words and divide them into 2 columns in your WS noteboo: Words I already know and Words I need to learn.

ELA - test signed and corrected.

Math - p. 15

Religion - November heart to remember and pray for family members who have died.

Wednesday -

Read for 15 minutes.

Write a draft of your Book Review of The Witches using the model we looked at on pages 258 - 259 of Write Source.

Study for Math test - the test is on adding and subtracting with money and word problems with money. Study lessons 1 - 9 and 1 - 11.

Read for 15 minutes.
SS - finish the questions on page 7 in your notebook. DO workbook page 1.
Math - page 14 in workbook
Word Study - test signed and corrected the way I explained.


Today is National Authors' Day

Read for 15 minutes.
Choose your favorite book/author and, in your RRJ, draft a letter of appreciation to the author.

Religion - questions in notebook
                 Saint project due Nov. 9th

 Math - page 10 (Do as much as you understand.) Test Thursday

Word Study - Test tomorrow. Finish 2E if you didn't finish in class.

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