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Monday, November 29, 2010

Week of November 29th

Due for Monday -

Candy Project
Roald Dahl Book Award final draft

Thursday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
SS page 9

Math page 86 in workbook

Science - finish question 4 from the lab and draw what you observed.

Work on Willy Wonka Candy project

NOTE:  Your Willy Wonka Candy project will be due on Monday, December 6th. Details to come on Thursday.

Wednesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.
Finish edited and revised FINAL copy of your Witches book review. Remember to carefully review the checklist to make sure you fulfilled all requirements.

Begin draft of your "Favorite Roald Dahl" book essay. The three paragraph draft should be done according to the outline I gave you.
1.  Introductory sentence naming your favorite Roald Dahl book. You can add a one sentence description of why here.
2. BRIEF paragraph summarizing the book. Remember not to give the ending or too many details away.
3. Paragraph explaining in detail why this is your favorite Roald Dahl book. It would be good to use examples from the story here.

Also - reminder for those who dislike Roald Dahl books. Your task is to explain why and then do the same explanation for what is your favorite non-Roald Dahl book.

Remember that the SS from yesterday is due Thursday.

CHRISTMAS SALE is tomorrow.

Tuesday homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

SS - due Thursday - complete Unit two vocab in your notebook and do workbook page 8.

Religion- questions in notebook

Reminder - if you have not yet returned the appointment form for parent-teacher conferences, please do so as soon as possible.

SS brochure is due tomorrow.

Monday homework -

Read for 20 minutes.
Complete the compare/contrast sheet about the chocolate factories.

Word Study - test signed and corrected.
Do 4A in notebook. If you did not finish dividing the words into the two lists (Words I know and Words I need to learn) do that as well.

Math - sheet to practice subtraction with 000's.  Do in your notebook. I forgot to tell you to show the check, so do that if you see this.


  1. Um are we doing the sun catchers to-morrow? because ill miss out on them and i dont want to.

  2. :( Does that mean you're not feeling any better? :(

    I think we'll wait for a sunny day for the sun catchers so you won't miss them tomorrow.

    Hope you feel better.