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Monday, November 15, 2010

Week of November 15th

I hope everyone had a fun time at the chocolate factory today. I know I learned a lot about what goes into making chocolate! Thanks so much to our chaperones for helping out.

Homework -
Read for 15 minutes.
Religion test tomorrow on Chapter 3.
Math - page 17
RRJ - make a list of all the things you can think of that you learned on the trip today. We'll be working on a couple of writing projects based on this trip so it's a good idea to write your thoughts down while they're fresh.


Chocolate factory trip is tomorrow. A note went home today with reminders to wear gym uniforms and bring a bag lunch and any money you wish to spend in the shop.

Chaperones please come to the front desk at 9:30.


Read for 15 minutes.
RRJ - questions about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and out trip
Religion - Practice test for Chapter 3

Science - questions about our pumpkin seeds (from the sheet I gave you) in notebook.


Read for 15 minutes.

Read pages A 80 - 89  in Science book and do questions on both sides of sheet. Think about how this relates to what we have seen with our pumpkin seeds.

Word Study exercise 3B and 3C  in notebook.

Religion - read page 50 and do response in NB.


Read for 15 minutes.

Read pages A 70 - 74  in Science book and do questions 1 - 20 on sheet.

Word Study exercise 3A in notebook

Math - page 15.

Book orders are due tomorrow.

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