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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Homework

NYSCC Math tests are next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Weekend Homework -

Study your measurement facts. You can't do the word problems if you haven't memorized the facts.

Study math vocabulary. You need to know the words to know what the question is asking you to do!

Know your equivalent fractions. Often the answer choices show an equivalent fraction rather than the one you're expecting. If you know the equivalents, you'll figure out the answers!

I'm trying to skip around with the practice and assign the things we did a long time ago or that seemed weak.

Lessons 31 and 32. You don't actually have to write out every last but, but make sure you understand the information.

Pages 302 - 303 and 326, 327, 328.

Other work:

   **   Poem is due Monday (See Thursday's homework for details.)

   **   Earth Week Project  (Due any time next week.) - Make a poster promoting the message of Earth Day/Week. Make sure you use recycled materials to make your poster.

Some ideas:
  •      Cut up a cereal box to use as the background.
  •      Use the 4 sides of a milk container.
  •      Use old newspaper to cut out letters.
  •      Find things around your house that you can recycle and attach them to your poster 
Use your imagination!!!!

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