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Monday, April 15, 2013

Week of ELA testing

ELA is finished. Onward to Math!

Tonight's homework has two parts.

1) complete the math packet on patterns that we were working on today. Do the two packets on measurement.  (Good work on last night's packets!)

2) Today was Poem in Your Pocket Day and we celebrated by finding poems we like. Each student is to take either the poem they found (or a new one) and write his/her own poem about the same topic. That is due Monday. We are going to do a project with it in school for April is Poetry Month (Nie to celebrate something other than April is Testing Month!).

Two days of ELA down, one to go.

Today's test was pretty exhausting so the only homework is to do the two math packets. We did area and perimeter back in December when we were doing the area model of multiplication, but it needs some serious reviewing. :)

One day of testing done! Everyone worked really hard. Good job!

Tuesday Homework -
We're practicing remembering to add details to our essays.
Do Practice Test 1, Test 2 in the Practice Book. It begins on pages 21 - 27. (Up, Up and Away)

Math - READY NY pages 34 - 36 and study page 2. Also make sure you know the measurement sheet I gave you.

Be sure to:
Get a good night's sleep.
Eat a hearty breakfast.
Remember pencils and sharpener.

Snack will be after the test ends.

Monday Homework:

1) Finish Math READY NY Lesson 11.
2) ELA - revise one of the two essays in the Practice Book (either How Beaver Stole Fire/Stealing Fire from Zeus or A Project for Two.) I would prefer you do How Beaver Stole Fire/Stealing Fire from Zeus.
Use the feedback I have given you on your other essays as well as the notes we took.
Flip through the READY ELA book for anything you may not be sure of.

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