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Monday, April 8, 2013

Week of April 8th

Friday Homework

READY NY Math - Lesson 12. This is a review of the area model of multiplication.
READY NY ELA - Lesson 23
Finish COACH essay

Some have to redo the essay that I graded.

Thursday Homework - 

4th Grade is hosting our school Mass at 11:00 tomorrow. All are welcome to join us.

Math - orange workbook. Review how to turn an improper fraction into a mixed number. Almost everyone is forgetting how to do this in word problem answers.
READY NY Math - pages  14, 15, 24, 25.
READY NY ELA - pages 1 - 10

 Book Fair will be on again tomorrow for anyone who did not get what they wanted today.

Wednesday Homework –

READY MATH – pages 168 – 173 (This is what we worked on in class today.)
READY ELA -  pages 193–202

REMINDER – Book Fair tomorrow.

Tuesday Homework –

READY MATH – pages 150 – 151
 equivalent fractions

READY ELA -  pages 185 – 192


Monday Homework:

READY ELA – pages 177 – 184 in notebook.

Smart Poem

READY Math – Lesson 17 in notebook

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