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Friday, January 4, 2013

Weekend Homework

The "new normal" until testing is over -

Weekend homework:

RALLY Reading book - Passage 1. Read carefully. Read the hints for answering the questions. Do all the questions in your THINK READING notebook. Start at the back and work forward as I explained.

For the multiple choice questions, you do not need to write everything out. Just write the question and the answer you choose. If you do well with this, we'll continue doing it this way. Otherwise well have to write it out more.  The essay question should be answered with evidence from the story as we have been practicing.

Math - REFLEX. I'm switching you over to multiplication so get started on that. The people who have reached 100% fluency in multiplication do not have to do this. Of course you can if you want.

My one WORD.

Choose your word for the year based on the list we brainstormed. Make a poster of  your word on construction paper. You can decorate it however you want but try to be creative and do it in a way that has something to do with your word.

 NOTE:  The free RALLY prep site that I showed you is still available until January 6th.

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