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Monday, January 7, 2013

Week of January 7th

Weekend Homework - 

Math - watch the videos to help you understand Area Model Multiplication.


School Tube - Area Model Multiplication

Use the area method (on the blank sheets I gave you) to solve the same 4 problems that you did earlier in the week. (Remember the ones you had to do three ways?) They are on the last page of the packet
Then finish that page using all 4 methods. You only have to do each problem once, but try to use a variety of the 4 different methods to make sure you can do them all.

Test - next Thursday on all methods of multiplication.

RALLY Reading - Unit 2 Passage 2
You only have to write the letter and the paragraph where you found the answer.

Remember - Wordly Wise test Wednesday.

Thursday Homework - 

I apologize that the children did not have a chance to copy the homework. We were so engrossed in boat-building that Library snuck up on us.

Reading - Read for 30 minutes. Students have new Reading Logs that need to be initialed.
Comprehension sheet (both sides)
Wordly Wise - D
Math - I gave two sheets that demonstrate area model multiplication. Study those and use them to guide you as you do the one homework problem on the other sheet.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 30 minutes. Note: You do not have to log this. Tomorrow you will be getting a new reading log as part of the Six Flags Read for Success program.
The SS and Rally homework can count toward the 30 minutes.
SS - Read Lesson 3 and do the accompanying sheet.
Rally - Unit 2: Passage 1.
We have a new procedure for this. You do NOT have to write out the questions. According to our deal, you'll work hard to look up the answers and then you onlyh ave to write the letter of the answer and the # of the paragraph where you found it.
Wordly Wise - Exercise C. Reminder - test is next Wednesday.

There is no Math homework tonight because we did REFLEX in school and also spent an hour on the area method.

Tuesday Homework

Read pages 46 - 51 in Social Studies text. This can count toward your thirty minutes.
Social Studies - sheet
RALLY - page 18 essay.  Use evidence from the story as much as you can to explain your answer.
Math - 4 questions three ways.
What that means is you have 4 questions from your packet -  Last page # 4, 7, 13, 16. 
You have to do each of them three different ways: traditional, grid, and lattice.

UPDATE: Don't try to use the area model. The graph paper you have won't give you a large enough grid to use that model for these problems.
Remember REFLEX at least 3 times a week.

Monday Homework

Read for thirty minutes.
Wordly Wise - Lesson 7 A and B (if you haven't done themyet)
RALLY Reading  - pages 13 - 17. NOT page 18.
Reading Notebook - Response to Fourth Grade Rats:
1.  Who would you prefer to have as a friend, Suds or Joey? Why?
2.  Suds was thinking of the things he couldn't live without. Make your list of things you can't imagine living without.

I'll be collecting Advent Journals tomorrow so make sure yours is complete.

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