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Monday, December 5, 2011

Week of December 5th

Tuesday Homework:Updated Conference slips went home today.REMINDER: Econoboard money is due Friday 12/9.
Reading:  Read for 20 minutes.  
Word Study  Sheet
Math   You should be studying 6 - 10 times tables. (Quiz next week.)  
Handwriting   2 sheets.These will determine who needs to continue practicing handwriting.  
Extra   Do the report card reflection sheet. Think about your work this trimester and make a report card for yourself. Be honest about the things you did well and the things you can improve. 
Upcoming tests:  
Happy Birthday, Rocco!

Monday Homework –

Read for 20 minutes.

RRJ – Write about your reaction to Chapter 1 of The Lightning Thief.
What do you think is happening to Percy? Did he imagine that scene or is it real?
Is this a good chapter to make you want to keep reading?
Do you have any questions or anything you’re wondering about?
Or write about anything else you’re thinking about the chapter.

Think Reading pages 32 – 34.

Wordly Wise – 6 A & B. Test will be NEXT Monday.

Science – sheet
Math – Fact Families for 6 and 7 times tables.
Be studying 6 – 10 times tables.

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