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Monday, December 12, 2011

Week of December 12th

Thursday Homework

Religion – Study

Reading – Read for 20 minutes

Math – on looseleaf – fact families for 11 and 12 times tables

Wordly Wise – 7 A & B

Wednesday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.

SS – Complete chart (Section A only)

Religion – song sheet. Answer the question on the back of the paper.
Be sure to use evidence from the story for your answer!!!!

Math – study for quiz.

Wordly Wise – look at your test and reflect on which questions you got wrong. Is there a pattern with the words? (For example, a number of you got all the questions about the word vain wrong.)  Or did you sometimes get a word right and other times wrong?
Write your explanation in the “My words” section in the back of your Word Study notebook. Write the correction words and definitions in that section of your notebook.

Religion - we went over the important parts to study on pages 80 - 81 today. We'll finish reviewing tomorrow.



Tonight is the Christmas concert so there is no homework other than to sing. :)

Students please be here at 7:00. Enter the same way as you come in the morning. We will head up to the classroom at 7:10.  Parents may pick children up in the classroom after the show.

Show begins at 7:30.

Monday Homework

Read for 20 minutes.

Math - Sheet. Do all the work on looseleaf. Circle the answer on the sheet.

Continue to study multiplication tables. (Quiz Thursday)

Religion - read pages 86 - 88 and do activity on page 88.
Test Friday on Liturgical Year. Study pages 79 - 90.

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