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Monday, December 19, 2011

Week of December 19th

REMINDER -  "What St. Ephrem Means to Me" essays are due January 4th.

Thursday -

No homework.

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes.

RRJ - Predict how you think The Light at Tern Rock will end.

Math - create 2 new word problems:
 - 1 multiplication and 1 addition problem
 - use any numbers you want
 - make it something about Christmas (and you can decorate the paper if you like).
 - don't solve the problem. We'll do that tomorrow!

Tuesday Homework - 

Read for 20 minutes.

Math – workbook page 54
Also – on looseleaf, use the numbers 6 and 7 to make up
 2 word problems – one each for multiplication and addition.

Writing – in RRJ – In The Light at Tern Rock, Ronnie is very upset
because Mr. Flagg breaks his promise. Ronnie vows he will never break
a promise.

How do you feel when someone breaks a promise? Why do you feel that way?
Do you think Ronnie will be able to keep his vow?
Would you be able to say you will never break a promise?

Wordly Wise – 7E and test tomorrow.

Here is the link to The Ruler Game - link.

Monday Homework –

Read for 20 minutes.
Wordly Wise – 7 C & D  (Test Wednesday)
Math – page 71 (Workbook) and sheet
Reading/SS – Henry Hudson packet

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