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Monday, October 4, 2010

Week of October 4th


No school on Friday, October 8th or Monday, October 11th.

Thursday Homework:

Read 15 minutes and record on log
Science - lab questions (in notebook)
Religion - test next Wednesday (Chapter 1)
SS - landform project due Tuesday (Be sure to complete checklist.)
Word Study - complete chart for Lesson 2 words. You should have two columns:

Words I already know                    Words I need to learn

If you know some of the definitions for a word, but not all, put the word in both columns with the number of the definition you know (and don't know) next to it in each column.


Dress Down tomorrow - Lee Denim Day at SES.  $2 donation requested. In keeping with the spirit of the day we recommend you wear something denim and/or pink. For more information about Lee National Denim Day, check the website. 

No school on Friday, October 8th or Monday, October 11th.

Wednesday Homework

Read for 15 minutes and record on log.
RRJ - write a letter to me telling me about the book you are reading. This shouldn't just be a summary of the book. tzell me what  you think of it. Are you enjoying it? How do you feel about the characters? Are they real, like anyone you know? Are you making T-S or T-T connections as you read. Just share your thoughts with me.

Math - page 5

Religion - page 30

SS - landform booklet (due Tuesday) You can leave your SS book home until then.

Word Study - test Thursday

Religion test on Chapter 1 is next Wednesday.

Tuesday Homework:

Read 15 minutes and record on log.
Finish reading Train to Somewhere and look for T-T connections.
SS - workbook page 3
Math - page 4 - write out the numbers in 1 - 12 in word form. 
          Example: 1) 79 - seventy-nine

Word Study - study for test on Thursday

Monday Homework:

Read 15 minutes and record on log.
RRJ – respond to any one of the questions on the sheet about A Visit With Grandpa.
Math – page 4
Religion – glue St. Francis blessing into notebook and decorate with animals
Word Study – do 1C and 1D in your notebook. Remember to study for test on Thursday
Sample of how to do Word Study –
  1. dismay – to lose $10
                   also c (and d if you dislike celery)

1D  Synonyms

1.  benefit/help

REMINDER - if you haven't done the Spanish homework, it's listed under last week's Tuesday homework.


  1. Annushka, your comment went through under last week's post. I don't have a copy of the paper with me so I'm not sure. I think #5 was to sketch a drawing of Grandpa's ranch based on the description in the book.

  2. you know when you post a comment? isn't it annoying to have to copy those ridiculas words?

  3. I agree that it's annoying. I didn't realize you had to do it for this blog because I've never gotten it. I'll check the settings to see if I can change it.

  4. Okay, Annushka. I turned the words off. You should be able to post without having to copy them now.