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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week of October 18th

Thursday -

Read - 15 minutes - not The Witches.

Religion - sheet. The line was our responsorial psalm at Mass today. Think of what you saw in the park and illustrate the line from the psalm.

Science - finish/neaten your work from the park trip. Make sure you have answered all of the questions on the sheet.

Math - review multiplication tables. You might want to try the games on multiplication.com

Writing - choose 2 or 3 ideas from your list and write a paragraph describing what your story would be about it you used that idea. Think of it like the back cover of a book - it just hints at what the story is about; it doesn't tell the story.


Progress reports went home today. We are using a new form this year. Please sign and return.

Read for 15 minutes (something other than The Witches) and look for examples of dialogue.

In RRJ, write a paragraph about your favorite part of The Witches so far.

Math - page 7.  Study for Math Spelling test tomorrow. Get test signed and do corrections.

Religion - pages 32 - 35.

Congratulations to all of the 4th graders who participated in today's math bee. As the youngest students in the bee, you have the hardest role, but you did a wonderful job! We're very proud of all of you for having the excellent work habits to participate in Math Bee and the courage to stand before such a large audience and demonstrate mind-boggling mathematics skills.

Special congratulations to Anthony for winning the spot as alternate.

Tuesday Homeework


The Rosary Rally is Wednesday at 11.
There are two trip permission slips to be signed and returned.

 Read The Witches. How much you are to read depends on what page goal your group set.  As you are reading, record (in RRJ) several examples of how Roald Dahl uses dialogue. Record it the way we discussed in class, using quotation marks and a new paragraph for each character who speaks.

LA - test on sentences is tomorrow. (Review text pages xii and 2 - 7)

Religion - say a decade of the Rosary in preparation for the Rosary Rally tomorrow.

Math - study number sheet for test Thursday.

Word Study - review words and do activity 2A in notebook.

Monday Homework:

Permission slip for park trip on Thursday.

Read The Witches. How much you are to read depends on what page goal your group set.  As you are reading, be sure to use either your RRJ or post-its to record your thoughts, words you don't know, questions, predictions, connections, etc.

LA - Write Source workbook pages 86 and 87. Study for test.

Math - study number spelling sheet.

Word Study - make index cards for the words in your "New to me" list.

Religion - review the Mysteries of the Rosary.

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  1. Anthony - your question posted under a different week, but the answer is that you can do it in your ELA notebook since you don't have the RRJ. If you already did it on looseleaf, that's fine. You can just staple it in tomorrow.