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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week of October 12th

Weekend -

No written homework but remember to study for the Math test on Monday and ELA on Wednesday.

Thursday Homework

Math - sheet and study numbers.
LA sheet (both sides)

Religion - sheet (due Monday) and study prayers. Remember to bring the prayer sheet back with you tomorrow. We need it for practice with S. Rosela.
Reading - read The Witches up to page 60 and respond as follows:
List any words you come across that you don’t know.
Write any T-T or T-S connections you can make.
Write any questions, thoughts or predictions you have while reading.

Wednesday Homework -

Read chapters 1 - 3 in The Witches and respond to the questions (from the sheet) in your RRJ.

Math - p. 6

Word Study - get test signed and correct those  you got wrong. Remember, the way to correct them is to look up the correct answer and explain why it is a better choice than what you put.

LA - workbook pages 85 and 86

REMINDER - tomorrow is the great spellcheck. All students will take the spelling test whether they brought they are participating in the fundraiser or not since it is a good review of words 4th graders should be able to spell. I gave out new copies of the spelling list to be sure everyone would have one.

Tuesday Homework:

Religion test tomorrow on Chapter 1. Remember to study all the key words, the chapter reviews and any other information we discussed in the chapter.

Read for 15 minutes and record on log.

Science - Read text pages C34 - 39 and do the sheet. Notice how the subtitles in the chapter are headings on the sheet.

Math - page 2 on workbook

LA - sentence sheet

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