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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend stuff

So many of you are always asking if there's anything we need for the class. I hate to ask, but since it got so hot last week, I'm a bit concerned about the upcoming month. Unfortunately the fan I had for the classroom broke at the end of last year. So if anyone has an extra fan they would like to donate to the class, I can assure you the class and I would be very grateful!

Also, I sent out a request for paper towels and tissues as we've run through all that we had. We don't need everyone to send them, but with allergy season still in high gear, we're going through tissues at an amazing rate.

There's no written homework this weekend but since the written section of the Science test is on June 7th, I encourage you to spend some time reviewing in the COACH book.

Here's a fun site for reviewing Simple Machines.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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