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Monday, May 10, 2010

Week of May 10 - 14

Tuesday -

My sincere apologies - We got back from concert rehearsal very late and in the rush to get ready to leave, I completely forgot to distribute progress reports.  The students will receive them tomorrow. I'm so sorry for inconveniencing you.

Tuesday Homework -

Read the next chapter in Rules and respond in RRJ (response can be about any chapter we have read).

Science - read Lessons 47, 48, 49 in COACH and answer the 3 questions in the back of your Science notebook.

Reminder - Home School Meeting is Monday night at 7:00

Monday Homework -

Read Rules up to page 75 and complete the sheet. Catherine had to choose words to make for Jason so she thought about what things interested him or what things she would talk to him about. You think about what words you would want to give Jason so you could talk to him.

Science - finish your observations of the butterfly larvae from days three and eight.  Complete the life cycle chart, color and glue into your Science notebook.  Read pages B 56 - 59 in your Science text.


  1. 5-12-10
    Mrs. Curry weren't you supposed to give us our progress reports?

  2. Mrs. Curry,
    For the science just checking numbers 2-3 are the discussion right?


  3. Alex, yes - see above.

    Aisling - no. The questions are the study questions - one on page 191, one on page 195, and one on page 198. The discussion helps you check your answer after you've done it.