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Monday, May 17, 2010

Week of May 17 - 21

Thursday Homework

Read 20 minutes/log

COACH Lessons 21, 22, 23 and 24

Butterfly sheets (graded homework)

(Aisling, I answered your question below in the comment section.)

Wednesday Homework-

Read 20 minutes/log

Science 2006 exam

Tuesday Homework-

Read a chapter of RULES /log

Word Study - lesson 6 words- remaining words defined in NM and do 6A

COACH Science Lessons 33 - 36

Monday Homework-

Read 20 minutes/log

Math/Science - butterfly sheets (pages 4 & 6)

Word Study - lesson 6 words- define in NB

COACH Science


  1. Mrs. Curry,
    I don't really understand lesson 21's question or disscusion. Should I skip it.


  2. Aisling,
    Basically, all it is saying is that when materials are heated, their state of matter changes. You know how you can have an ice cube (solid) and when you heat it, it melts (liquid) but if you heat it more it evaporates (gas). The same is true of other materials like the ones pictured - the only difference is the temperatures at which the changes occur.

  3. Dear mrs curry,
    My mom and I were leaving from the confirmation and I saw a Butterfly
    And I think it was one that we let free.
    When we were looking at it, it was very low and could not fly that much


  4. does it matter how we color the butterflies and moths on the sheet


  5. Amanda,
    Nope. Do them however you like.

  6. I guess they are coming to the end of their life span, Thomas. :(