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Monday, February 8, 2010

Week of February 8 - 12

School is officially canceled for Wednesday.
If we have to close on Thursday, I will post that information here once we know.

Tuesday Homework

Read 20 minutes and record on log.

Reading comprehension sheet.

Science - text pages 92-93 questions 1 - 15 on looseleaf.

Math - sheet

Word study - sheets

For the person who forgot the math notebook - study this:

I'm not sure who sent this comment -
hello, I have my rrj notebook but i'm not sure what i have to do.

You received a small sheet of paper with two questions on it. You are supposed to answer them in your RRJ. I know everyone got the paper because I put one on each desk.

Monday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log
Write a response to the 2 questions in your RRJ.

Math - measurement sheets and study for quiz on polygons

Science - sheet

Word Study - words in WS notebook


  1. Dear mrs curry,

    When you said the second part of the word study, Michael B gave it out.
    So he handed it out and for some reason, I did not get the 2 part of
    word study. Can I do a makeover on thursday or Friday.
    Thank you


  2. Thomas, you can get it when we go back to school.