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Monday, February 22, 2010

Week of February 22nd

For anyone who was having problems with the RALLY site - here's a direct link -

RALLY Test prep

School is CLOSED for Friday, February 26th.

Upcoming tests:

Monday (3/1) Word Study (Lesson 4)
Wednesday (3/3) Math - geometry
Thursday (3/4) Science - plants

Thursday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Olympics packet
Math - 2 review sheets (both sides of each)
Word Study - packet

Essay - see sheet for explanation

Wednesday Homework -

Read for 20 minutes and record on log.
Reading packet (first 4 pages only)
Math p 92 You can find examples to help you here - 3D shapes
Science - update weather chart (in your Science notebook) from the paper I gave you.
Complete sheet - both sides

Tuesday -


The class did such a fantastic job staying on task and not calling out that they won a day of no homework. We managed to finish everything in class so we had nothing we had to do for homework tonight. Good job!

Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a great vacation.

Monday Homework -

on Olympics. Read about the sports and answer the questions. Underline any uses of metric length/distance.

Finish George Washington sheets.

Religion - think about how you can pray more during Lent. Fill in your prayer plan on the first line of the sheet.  Read the other Religion sheet about Lenten activities.

Math - sheet and study metric measurement for length/distance.


  1. Mrs. Curry,
    I don't get the olympic sheets the part I don't get the "silver meadle challenge.


  2. Amanda, your comment came out below but I'll answer it here since it goes with Aisling's.

    To do the Olympics questions, you have to read the passage carefully and look for the information that goes in the missing spots. For example - under Silver Medal, the section of the reading the questions focus on is skiing. So you need to look in the paragraphs about skiing and find what goes together.

    For the first one - Alpine skiing includes 3 types of skiing. They already gave you Alpine combined. What are the other two?

  3. Dear Mrs. Curry,
    I forgot what the website was that you gave us to study for the State Test. I lost the sheet you gave me. It is the website were it is like just like the real test. I hope you know what i am talking about. :)

  4. Here you go -