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Monday, February 1, 2010

Week of February 1 - 5

Alex - if you see this - I got a new copy of Sea of Monsters today so I'll have it for you on Monday.

Also - everyone make sure you have your copy of Tale of Despereaux with you on Monday.
Think how you could write a Somebody Wanted But So summary of Mig's part of the story.
(You don't have to write it yet - just think about it.)

Friday -

I hope everyone enjoyed students day.

Have fun in the snow this weekend but stay safe and be ready to be REALLY busy working REALLY hard next week.

Also remember next week is school spirit week.  Monday is the bake sale.

Thursday Homework -

Read 20 minutes. Record on log

Science sheet 

Math - workbook page and sheet. Study the polygons on the sheet.

 People who sent questions - I answered them in the comments section below.

Wednesday Homework -

Read 20 minutes. Record on log

Complete Word Study test. Yes, you may use the sheets. This is your reward for doing such a beautiful job in church today.

Study for the SS test. Study the Take Home test and the work you did in class the other day.

Thank you to everyone for doing such a wonderful job with our Mass today. You made the Feast of St. Blaise a very special Mass.

Tuesday Homework -

Read 20 minutes. Record on log
Do Groundhog reading sheet
Math - sheet (both sides) Remember NO help. If you can't do a problem, write down where you got stuck.
Finish the SS (pages 100 and 101)
Word Study - test tomorrow.

Monday Homework -

Read 20 minutes. You will get the February log tomorrow so you can record it then.

Math - sheet. Do work in notebook and record answer on sheet.

Science - sheet

Reading - story sheet

Reminder  Word Study test on Wednesday and SS test on Thursday.


  1. 2-3-10
    On the word study test on the part where you have match the word with its defenition, you put a word from lesson 1. (affect)


  2. Hi this is Nicolas,
    I found my social studies take home test in my folder. Is it ok if i return it tomorrow??? Thanks! ~Nicolas~

  3. dear mrs curry,

    I was taking the word study test and I didn't even need
    the book for the answer. Lets see if I got a 100.
    I need to study for the SS test.


  4. Oops, Alex. Good catch! But it is supposed to include the past words so that's okay.

    Yay! Thomas.

    Glad you found it, Nicholas. Sure, give it to me tomorrow. I hope you're studying the right answers though.

  5. 2-4-10
    Do we have to finish the Tale of Despereaux Quiz sheet?
    (Please tell me we don't!!!)


  6. Dear Mrs.Curry,
    I don't get the science. I left my text book in school because I thought we wouldn't need it.


  7. Alex, you do NOT need to finish the Tale of Despereaux sheets.

    Aisling, you shouldn't need the Science book. The answers to the questions are in the drawings. Do the best you can from the sheet. We'll go over it tomorrow.

  8. Dear Mrs.Curry,
    I'm sorry I didn't include this in my previous comment, If you didn't finish the S.S test would you finish it tomorrow?


  9. I'll look at them tonight and determine that. I'll let you know tomorrow.

  10. Mrs.Curry is there any studying we(the class) should b doing during the weekend


  11. Not really, Caroline. Just make sure you know the polygon names (and number of sides) that we've done so far.

  12. Someone sent a comment asking about the Somebody Wanted But So summary so I clarified it above - no writing - just thinking.

  13. hello, I have my rrj notebook but i'm not sure what i have to do.