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Monday, September 28, 2009

Week of September 28 - October 2

Happy Weekend!

Terra Nova testing is done except for the people who have makeups. We'll take care of makeup testing this week.

We'll also begin using the two writing books this week so if you did get them, make sure and bring them to class. If you didn't get them, no worries. They were optional.

No homework!

NIA classes start this week - Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone pretty much got the day they asked for, but I'll send a note home on Monday so no one is confused about which day to come.


And another day of testing. Just one more to go.

For tonight I want you to write a revised and edited draft of your pet story. Do it on looseleaf and skip a line at the end of each line you write the way I showed you in class. I will collect them and review them before you do your good copy.

Tomorrow is a Dress Down Day for Breast Cancer awareness. There is no specific color to wear but the day is sponsored by Lee jeans as Denim Day and the color for breast cancer awareness is pink so if you'd like to wear jeans or pink, that would be great!  Donation is $2.00

PIZZA starts tomorrow for those who ordered.

Edited to explain (in answer to comments):

1)  Use the following heading:

Your name                             October 1, 2009
4-208                                     St. Ephrem School

2) For those who were absent and are not clear on what we're doing. You had a draft of your pet story in your Writer's Notebook. You were supposed to have already revised it. Today you are supposed to edit it and then rewrite the piece on looseleaf, skipping lines, and hand it in to me for review before you finish the final draft.
If you were absent and don't understand, do the best you can and we'll figure the rest out when you return.

Wednesday -

Still in Terra Nova mode so homework is light.

Read for 15 minutes and respond in RRJ to the question about Fourth Grade Rats.

In the part of the story we read today, something happened that made Suds snap and begin to act like a really bad rat.  What happened? How do you feel about his behavior? Use examples from the story to support your answer.

Extra - if you'd like, respond to the question Nicolas asked. If you were one of the people who had chosen Suds as the friend you'd prefer, how do you feel about the choice now? How about the people who chose Joey. How do you feel t your choice now?

NOTE:  Quite a few notices went home today including an important letter from Mrs. Bartone and the October calendar.

Tuesday -

We had a long morning of testing today so the homework is light.

Read for 15 minutes and complete the Religion sheet.

Remember to have your sharpened pencils!!


Terra Nova testing begins tomorrow.

Please be sure to get a good sleep, eat breakfast, and bring several sharpened #2 pencils and an eraser.

Please note - if you are not feeling well, it is much better to stay home and rest rather than come in and take the test when you are not thinking clearly. You can take a makeup when you return and the results will likely be much better.

Homework will be lighter for the rest of the week because of testing.

For Monday -

Read 15 minutes and record on log.

Math - practice expanded form.  page 6 in text  # 12 - 19 on looseleaf. I will collect.

Religion - read page 18 and share with your family. Read and complete 19 - 22.

Remember - sleep, breakfast, pencils, eraser and RELAX!!!!!!!!

Also remember - there is Spanish class tomorrow so remember your homework and books.

BOOK ORDERS (online or paper forms) are due tomorrow.

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