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Monday, September 14, 2009

Week of September 14 - 18


Friday 9/18

Reading -  Read for 15 minutes each day and record on Log.

Monday, September 21st is International Peace Day. I've asked the children to think about what they can do to help create peace in their small corner of the world.  Some of the children asked if they could make posters about it and I think that's a wonderful idea. Anyone who makes a poster can bring it to school on Monday for extra credit.

Thursday 9/17

Reading -  Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

RRJ - Would you recommend your book? Explain why you would or wouldn't and who might like to read it.

Math - Millions sheet

SS - Image sheet.  Look at each image and complete the sheet by writing in what you observe in the picture, what you think about it, and anything you may wonder about it. I'm looking forward to hearing all the things you wonder about.

*** 3 notices went home today - a reminder about the home school meeting for Monday, a correction about the Walk-a-Thon, and a yellow bowling paper.

Wednesday 9/16

Reading -  Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

RRJ - Write about your favorite (or least favorite) part of your reading tonight. Tell why it is your favorite (or least favorite) part.

Math - DHP (Daily Homework Practice Book) p. 2

SS - Imagine what Henry Hudson saw when he arrived here on September 11, 1609 and draw it.
Ship captains kept logs (which are similar to diary entries) that tell about their journeys. Write a log entry to go along with your picture describing what you think his reaction would be to what he saw.
REMEMBER - this is not a research project. You are supposed to draw what you imagine it was like. Tomorrow we will look at images and read his real log entries.


Tuesday 9/15

Reading Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.
There is no RRJ homework for those who did their RRJ last night. Those who did not do it last night need to make it up tonight.
Writing - 
1)  Draw a pumpkin on the last page of your Writer's Notebook and fill in at least 10 "seed ideas". You may use some of the ones we discussed in class if they are topics you would enjoy writing about.
2) Begin a draft of your pet writing piece. Remember it can be a story, a poem, an article, a persuasive essay - whatever seems to fit for you and your pet (or your wish to have or not have a pet).
Math - Daily Homework Practice Book (DHP) p. 1 numbers 1 and 2 only.
Social Studies - Read the fact sheet about Henry Hudson. Complete the chart in your NB by filling in 3 or more facts you learned about Hudson and his journey and 3 or more questions you have about him or what happened.

Monday 9/14

Reading -  Read for 15 minutes and record on Log.

RRJ - Respond in RRJ. Try to make connections between what you are reading and something in your life (text-self) or another book you've read or movie you've seen (text-text) or anything happening around you in the world (text-world).  Choose whichever connection works best with what you are reading.

Math - 1) Place Value sheet
             2) Think about what the word million means to you. In your notebook write down your thoughts when you hear the word million.

Religion - look through your new book. Read pages 12 - 15. Share with a family member.

Note - there were a lot of new notices today. Please especially look for the one from Mrs. Bardo about what is expected from the students for art. The paper needs to be signed and returned next Monday.

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